Paris, 8 January 2019 – Ardian, a major name in infrastructure and commercial estate investment, has today confirmed its support for the Grand Paris Express artistic and cultural endowment fund. Ardian agreed to contribute one million euros to the production of permanent artistic works in the stations “Orly Airport” and “Le Bourget RER”.

Under the authority of the Société du Grand Paris, the Grand Paris Express is Europe’s biggest transport infrastructure project, involving the construction of four new automated metro lines around Paris and the extension of two existing lines, totalling nearly 200 km of track. The ambitious project will include 68 new stations within the Ile-de-France area. Not just an infrastructure project, Grand Paris is also a cultural adventure on an unprecedented scale. In fact, more than thirty stations are already under construction under the authority, for each station, of an architect and an artist in order to bring an aesthetic, sensitive and poetic dimension to the new stations.

Ardian has decided to support this initiative, with the hope of making the region more attractive, creating a more even balance between the various areas of the city and offering a new transport experience for thousands of users. A major name in core infrastructure and commercial property, Ardian has put its name to this long-term project, which will bring every person closer to their destination and result in faster and more pleasant daily commutes.

The Orly Airport station is designed by the chief architect of Aéroports de Paris, François Tamisier and the Portuguese artist VHILS. With an estimated 95,000 journeys made every day, this station is a veritable economic hub. There are 173,000 jobs located within 1 km from the station, of which 28,000 are connected to the airport.
The Bourget RER station is designed by the duo composed of the architect Elisabeth de Portzamparc and Jeppe Hein, a Danish artist living in Berlin. Connected to RER line B, one of the busiest in the region, the station serves 860,000 passengers every day.

According to Rémi Babinet, President of the Endowment Fund: “This is an opportunity to embark upon an extraordinary adventure as we witness the metamorphosis of our capital. A new scale, new journeys, new momentum and new directions, the future Grand Paris Express metro network will be the driving force behind a rate of change not seen since the 19th century. It is essential that everyone understands the stakes, and we must share it with the public to ensure the project fulfils its full social potential. This project will allow us to work together, communicate, expand and contribute to the emergence of a culture “beyond the ringroad” and write the story of Grand Paris. We are very pleased with this new partnership. By offering dedicated support for the endowment of works, Ardian is participating in the emergence of a new metropolitan identity and the construction of a capital on a revisited scale, better connected, more attractive and more inclusive.”

Pierre Emmanuel Becherand, Managing Director of the Endowment Fund, adds: “We are delighted with this first partnership dedicated to the production of two station works which inaugurates a new phase in the deployment of artists & architects working together. We hope to capitalise on this momentum by involving private enterprise in the realisation of the cultural and artistic Grand Paris Express.”

Mathias Burghardt, Member of the Ardian Executive Committee and Head of the Infrastructure business declares: “We are very proud to be part of this world-class project. “With the increasing urbanisation of the Ile-de-France area, improving transport is a priority. As a company based in the heart of the regions, it was only natural for us to get involved with the Grand Paris Express. It is also an opportunity to work with world-famous architects and artists, and our collaboration will make it possible to add a touch of culture to people’s daily lives.”

Stéphanie Bensimon, Head of Ardian Real Estate, concludes: “It made sense for us to support this project which serves some of the region’s largest business centres. As an investor in commercial property across the Paris area, we want to help improve the movement and experience of thousands of people as they make their way to work”.


Ardian is one of the world’s largest private investment managers with €96 billion in managed/advised assets in Europe, America and Asia. The company, which is owned mainly by its employees, has always placed company spirit at the heart of its approach and offers top class performance to its international investors.

By committing to a policy of sharing its value creation with all stakeholders, Ardian supports the growth of companies and economies around the globe.

Built on the core values of excellence, trust and company spirit, Ardian has an international network of 640 employees across fifteen offices in Europe (Frankfurt, Jersey, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Zurich), North America (New York, San Francisco), South America (Santiago) and Asia (Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul). It manages the assets of its 1,000 clients via five investment divisions: Fund of Funds, Direct Funds, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Debt.
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Founded in 2005, Ardian Infrastructure is one of Europe’s largest infrastructure investment funds. The team has developed a long-term industrial investment strategy in a number of sectors including transport (railway, road and airports), energy (gas, electricity and renewables) and other public service infrastructures (health and environment), working closely with local public and private companies.

Launched in 2015, Ardian Real Estate invests in high-potential commercial property in continental Europe. Some of its landmark deals include the purchase of the building that was home to the Europe 1 radio at Rue François 1er in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, and the Rio Building at 2 Place Rio de Janeiro.


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