Outcome of the optional dividend for the financial year 2020/2021: 63% of the dividend rights on the financial year 2020/2021 are distributed in the form of new ordinary shares, resulting in a capital increase of EUR 28.7 million

Topic: Dividend

Gimv today announced that 63% of the dividend rights on the financial year 2020/2021 had been presented in return for 607 374 new ordinary shares, for a total amount of EUR 28.7 million.

Gimv’s AGM on 30 June 2021 approved the distribution of a gross dividend of EUR 2.50 per share (EUR 1.75 net) for the financial year 2020/2021. In addition, Gimv offered shareholders the option of subscribing to new ordinary shares, each share being exchanged for 27 dividend rights on the financial year 2020/21 (EUR 47.25), or of taking a cash dividend or a combination of both. The new shares will be of the same type as the existing shares (with no right to a reduced withholding tax) and give entitlement to payment of a dividend from Gimv’s profits as from 1 April 2021. Gimv shareholders were asked to communicate their choice between 7 and 27 July 2021.

16 399 098 dividend rights on the financial year 2020/2021 were presented in exchange for 607 374 new ordinary shares, for a total amount of EUR 28.7 million. 49% of the shareholders in free float opted for payment in shares, VPM for 100% of its participation. These new shares will be issued on 30 July 2021 and will be admitted to listing on Euronext Brussels on the same date. The balance of the dividend will also be distributed on 30 July 2021 in cash, amounting to a gross total of EUR 36.4 million.

As a result of this capital increase, Gimv’s equity (group’s share) will amount to EUR 1 303.0 million (1) and will be represented by 26 654 508 ordinary shares. Each of these shares carries one voting right at the general shareholders meetings and the total number of shares indicated above will represent the denominator for purposes of notifications under the transparency regulations. VPM, Gimv’s reference shareholder, opted for payment in shares on 100% of its shareholding and now holds 7 342 899 shares, equating to 27.55% of the capital. Consequently, Gimv’s free float amounts to 72.45%.

This capital increase adds EUR 28.7 million to Gimv’s equity, in contrast to the situation that would have prevailed had the dividend entirely been paid in cash. The cash which is not paid out will be used by Gimv to finance growth and further expand its portfolio.

Key financial dates

  • Payment date dividend for 2020/2021 financial year and listing new shares on Euronext Brussels – 30 July 2021
  • Results 1H 2021/2022 (1 April 2021 -30 September 2021) – 18 November 2021

(1)  Most recently published equity value (group’s share) as at 31 March 2021, increased with the amount of the capital increase.

Read the full press release:


Karel Oomsstraat 37, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

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CapMan has published its Sustainable Investments Snapshot for 2021


CapMan press release
11 June 2021 at 9:30 a.m. EEST

CapMan has published its Sustainable Investments Snapshot for 2021

CapMan has published its third Sustainable Investments Snapshot, which covers CapMan’s approach to the integration of environmental, social and governance factors in our investment process and the progress in our funds.

CapMan is an active investor in growing businesses, real estate and infrastructure in the Nordic countries. As active owners, we influence through decision-making and by setting and promoting best practices, and funds managed by CapMan can drive change on a broad scale.

Investing is a direct way of influencing behaviour and promoting activities that are aligned with a framework of values. At CapMan, we are serious about investing in companies, activities and assets that contribute to the well-being of communities in which we operate, while adhering to good governance practice.

This past year, we have continued to develop our approach to sustainable investing by going over processes, gathering data, conducting materiality analysis and defining where we can make a real difference.

Select sustainability development in our operations and portfolio in 2020:

  • SDG 5 Gender equality: +3% more women on average in Buyout portfolio company management groups compared to 2019
  • SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth: +17% average jobs growth in Growth portfolio companies in 2020
  • SDG 13 Climate action: 23% reduction in CO2 emissions from 2019 levels for Norled, CapMan’s portfolio company accounting for the largest share of CO2 emissions in CapMan’s portfolio
  • SDG 13 Climate action: 65% reduction in CapMan Group CO2e footprint from 2019 levels, mostly due to reduced business travel

Please read the snapshot for more details.

Sustainable Investments Snapshot 2021

For more information, please contact: 
Linda Tierala, Director, Communications & IR, CapMan Plc, +358 40 571 7895

About CapMan

CapMan is a leading Nordic private asset expert with an active approach to value creation. We offer a wide selection of investment products and services. As one of the Nordic private equity pioneers, we have developed hundreds of companies and real estate assets and created substantial value in these businesses and assets over the past 30 years. With close to €4 billion in assets under management, our objective is to provide attractive returns and innovative solutions to investors. We have a broad presence in the unlisted market through our local and specialised teams. Our investment strategies cover Private Equity, Real Estate and Infra. We also have a growing service business that includes procurement services, wealth management, and analysis, reporting and back office services. Altogether, CapMan employs around 150 people in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, London and Luxembourg. We are a public company listed on Nasdaq Helsinki since 2001 and a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2012. Read more at www.capman.com.

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Capricorn Fusion China Fund announces intermediate closing bringing commitments to over € 30 million


Leuven, Belgium: 30 April 2021 – Capricorn Partners, the Leuven-based independent manager of venture capital and equity funds, announces the intermediate closing of its Capricorn Fusion China Fund (“CFCF”) securing more than € 30 million of commitments.

The Capricorn Fusion China Fund is the newest investment fund being managed by Capricorn Partners. Capricorn Partners took over the management of this fund from Fusion Partners on 1 October 2020.

The fund focuses on investments in companies which establish a link between the European and Chinese markets. The fund is looking for, on the one hand, innovative European companies which see a clear role for the Chinese market in their development (in sourcing, supply, production or commercialization). On the other hand, the fund will also invest in Chinese companies who want to enter the European market.

The CFCF fund can invest over the financing continuum — from scale-up to unlisted growth companies — and now has two participations:

  • XenomatiX, a Belgian technology company which develops Lidars (a technology that uses laser pulses to determine the distance to objects) for the mobility market and who wants to be a key player in the race for autonomous vehicles, where the Chinese market offers enormous potential;
  • Xi’an Thiebaut, a Belgian-Chinese joint venture which, as supplier for the Chinese pharma and cosmetics industry, makes and commercializes aluminium tubes in northern China (Xi’an).

The interim closing increases the fund’s capital from € 12,925,000 to € 30,300,000. This is a key step on the way to the fund’s objective of raising € 75 million before the end of 2021. The Capricorn Fusion China Fund is strengthening its capital with the entry of Quest for Growth and the Federal Participation and Investment Company (FPIM), which will also have a seat on the Board of Directors, as well as with the entry of several private investors.

Paul Van Eynde, Senior Investment Manager at Capricorn Partners, said: “We are grateful for the intermediate closing of the fund as it shows confidence in our rather unique investment strategy, and as the increased size of the fund allows us to participate in more sizeable investment opportunities on the bridge between Europe and China”.

Steven Levecke, Senior Investment Manager at Capricorn Partners, added: “We are very happy with the first investments in (China-based) Xi’An Thiebaut and (Belgium-based) XenomatiX, and are confident that the growth of the fund, alongside our expanding network, will help us to execute some of the other promising investment opportunities that we are currently analyzing”.

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Antin Infrastructure Partners hires dedicated team to lead a new investment initiative focused on the next generation of infrastructure


Antin Infrastructure Partners welcomes Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Anand Jagannathan and Rodolphe Brumm as new partners, joining existing partner Nicolas Mallet to lead Antin’s new next generation infrastructure initiative. Antin also welcomes David Gilmour and Philippe Sauquet as Senior Advisers.

Antin Infrastructure Partners, one of the world’s leading infrastructure investment firms, hires a dedicated team of senior industry experts who will focus on value-add investing in sustainable, scalable and connected assets in both Europe and North America. The new initiative will also focus on delivering both environmental and societal benefits.

New trends and technologies are rapidly changing the infrastructure landscape, ushering in a new era that is greener, smarter and more connected. Antin’s next generation infrastructure investment initiative will take a multi-disciplinary approach to this large opportunity, focusing on investing in the energy transition, environmental and green mobility, social infrastructure, digital transition and other compelling segments. The next generation team will be located in Antin’s Paris, London and New York offices and work closely with the existing Antin team.

Alain Rauscher, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Antin Infrastructure Partners, said: “As Europe and North America emerge from the pandemic, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to upscale and build the infrastructure of tomorrow. With innovation and reinvigorated societal priorities accelerating the world to a greener, more sustainable and connected future, we have built a team with unparalleled experience to be in the forefront of these opportunities.”

Mark Crosbie, Managing Partner of Antin Infrastructure Partners, added: “The next generation team’s appointments also add further depth to our strategic insights and thinking across a broad range of infrastructure asset classes. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Antin family. Their combined knowledge and complementary experience will be major assets to enable us to be a key player to invest in the next generation of infrastructure.”

Additional information on Antin’s next generation team can be found below:

Senior Partners

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and Anand Jagannathan have joined Antin as Senior Partners to lead the next generation infrastructure initiative.

An engineer by training, Ms. Kosciusko-Morizet spent the first part of her career in the French public sector as a Member of Parliament, Mayor, and Cabinet Minister. She has served as Secretary of State for the Environment, Secretary of State for the Development of the Digital Economy and Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development, Transport, and Housing. Most recently Executive Vice President in charge of the Cloud and Cybersecurity for CapGemini Americas, she brings extensive insight into the regulatory frameworks underpinning the net-zero energy and digital transitions. Ms. Kosciusko-Morizet is based in New York.

Anand Jagannathan, who is based in London, brings over three decades of investment experience to the team, having most recently headed the advisory practice of Investec Bank’s Power and Infrastructure integrated sector team. Mr. Jagannathan has long been a pioneer in the infrastructure sector who introduced the first ever infrastructure practice in London in 2001 as well as defined industry innovations such as energy transition. He has advised governments, large utilities and multilateral institutions on strategic matters, privatizations, capital raisings and mergers and acquisitions.


Rodolphe Brumm and Nicolas Mallet join the next generation team as Partners, adding complementary investment expertise to build the infrastructure of the next generation.

Rodolphe Brumm, who is based in Paris, brings sector experience and deal execution skills from his position as Executive Director in the Direct Equity Infrastructure team at UBS Asset Management. With over twenty years’ experience, he was a co-founder of Cube Infrastructure and a Managing Director at Ardian Infrastructure. Mr. Brumm also spent time in the Silicon Valley as an adviser in the resource efficiency space, most notably to NextWorld Evergreen, making him well positioned to assess new investment opportunities in sustainable, scalable and connected assets.

Nicolas Mallet, an existing Antin Partner, has been with the firm for ten years. Mr. Mallet’s in-house experience across all sectors — energy, transport, telecoms and social — enriches the team’s capabilities and its thinking to push boundaries of traditional infrastructure to include assets that are poised to become the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Senior Advisers

David Gilmour and Philippe Sauquet have also joined Antin’s network of senior advisers and will, among other responsibilities, help support next generation infrastructure investment opportunities.

David Gilmour, former Vice President of Business Development at BP, helped create new strategies highlighting the importance of technology and venturing, creating a leading Corporate Venturing Capital arm for BP, enabling the transition to a lower-carbon economy. In his 20-year career with BP, he successfully led the Global Marine lubricants business and was CEO of Air BP. While Dr. Gilmour fully retired from BP in June 2020, he remained a Non-Executive Director of several of the start-ups in which BP invested including, artificial intelligence and machine learning for transportation and wind digital optimisation business. He has recently resigned from these roles and has been appointed Executive Chair of StoreDot, an ultra-fast charging battery company.

Philippe Sauquet brings extensive knowledge of the renewable energies and power sector to Antin, acquired over a 30-year career at Total where he played a key role in the company’s repositioning as a responsible energy major. In his last position at the company prior to his recent retirement, he was President Gas, Renewables & Power and Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, and was a member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

Dr. Gilmour and Mr. Sauquet strengthen Antin’s network of 10 senior advisers, seasoned professionals with a particular geographic or sectoral expertise. Working with management and the Antin transaction teams, they bring ideas, insights, industry knowledge and a large network of contacts to inform Antin’s thinking on specific industries and assist the company in its investments and strategic decisions.

Antin’s team now stands at over 120 professionals comprising 30 nationalities.


Media Contacts

Nicolle Graugnard

Communication Director, Antin Infrastructure Partners, nicolle.graugnard@antin-ip.com

About Antin Infrastructure Partners

Antin Infrastructure Partners is a leading independent private equity firm focused on infrastructure investments. Based in Paris, London and New York, and fully owned by its 16 partners, the firm employs over 120 professionals. Antin targets majority stakes in infrastructure businesses in the energy and environment, telecom, transport and social infrastructure sectors. The firm has raised over €17 billion and has made investments in 28 companies.

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Eurazeo launches the EURAZEO sustainable Maritime Infrastructure Thematic Fund


Eurazeo is delighted to announce the launch of the Sustainable Maritime Infrastructure thematic fund (the Fund) to finance more environmentally friendly infrastructure and technologies in the maritime sector that support the transition to a low carbon economy. As a consequence, the fund will have the objective of pursuing sustainable development within the meaning of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (known as the “Disclosure Regulation”) and will participate directly in the deployment of O+, the Group’s ambitious ESG strategy – one of the pillars of which is the achievement of net carbon neutrality by 2040.

Currently, 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea. Therefore, the decarbonisation of the maritime sector is crucial to the fight against climate change. To meet this challenge, the Fund will mainly finance three types of infrastructure: ships equipped with advanced technologies that negate or curtail environmental harm, innovative harbor equipment, and assets that contribute to the development of offshore renewable energy.
The Fund will support around fifty European facilities that will back the transition of the maritime economy to become carbon neutral by 2050 and in line with the ambition announced in the European Green Deal. Several renowned sovereign and institutional investors have already confirmed their involvement in the Fund, which has a target size of €300M.

The Fund, which will be managed by Idinvest Partners, offers investors with a limited risk appetite a highly desirable solution thanks to its asset financing operations, which will generate quarterly distributions from rents received on maritime assets. The Fund will directly own these maritime assets to further limit risk. As such, the Fund will benefit from Solvency Capital Requirement of less than 10%.
Since January 1 2020, shipping companies must significantly reduce their emissions under the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) new regulation on the reduction of the sulphur content of fuels (to 0.5% from 3.5%). This regulation is part of the IMO’s worldwide strategy and aims to reduce the shipping industry’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50% by 2050, relative to 2008 levels. The Fund will contribute to the reduction of GHGs as well as sulphur oxides (Sox) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, which are particularly harmful to air quality.

Christophe Bavière, member of Eurazeo’s Executive Board
Eurazeo is particularly proud to present to its investors a solution that meets Article 9 criteria. Many investors are in search for an investment program that has a concrete impact in the decarbonisation and the ecological transition. Eurazeo Sustainable Maritime Infrastructure thematic fund distinguishes itself by a reinforced protection of the capital.
Our new fund is a financing tool that will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas and sulphur, reduction measured audited by independent experts, then communicated to our investors. Its implementation, the process of which has been evaluated with full transparency by independent organisations, underlines our aims and ambitions to deploy meaningful funds that provide a response to the environmental and climatic challenges of our time.

Eurazeo is a leading global investment group, with a diversified portfolio of €21.8 billion in Assets Under Management, including €15.0 billion from third parties, invested in over 450 companies. With its considerable private equity, real estate

mail : pbernardin@eurazeo.com
Tél : +33 (0)1 44 15 16 76

mail: vchristnacht@eurazeo.com
Tel: +33 1 44 15 76 44

Tel: +44 ( 7990 595 913

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Partnership with Cathay Innovation

Cathay Innovation

Cathay Innovation takes minority stake in Seaya Ventures to fuel Co-Investments and startup growth across Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America, giving startups greater access to global funding, knowledge and potential partners.
Today, global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation announced a strategic partnership with Seaya Ventures. By combining Cathay’s global ecosystem of investors, startups and Fortune 500 corporations with Seaya’s unmatched expertise in Southern Europe and Latin America, the partnership creates a stronger and more expansive investment platform that grants more startups access to worldwide resources and the capital they need to scale.

The partnership comes after years of collaboration through six co-investments including leading Spanish companies such as Glovo, Savana, Housfy, Coverfy and Wallbox as well as Paris-based Alma. With a mutual commitment to backing technology companies that bring a positive impact, the collaboration creates natural synergies: Seaya bridges the early-stage pre-Series A and B investment gap in Southern Europe while Cathay Innovation specializes in accelerating early-growth startups on a full global scale. As part of the agreement, Cathay Innovation will take a minority stake in Seaya’s management company.

International interest in the European technology ecosystem is rapidly rising from investors and startups alike. According to Pitchbook, 2020 was a record year for the European technology ecosystem which drew €43 billion in venture capital deal value with two-thirds of the total coming from cross-border investment. By infusing Seaya Venture’s regional expertise and network into Cathay’s global ecosystem, the goal is to further coalesce the investment landscape and empower entrepreneurs with greater access to global funding, knowledge and potential partners to fuel startup growth. In addition, the partnership will enable Seaya Ventures to broaden its investment focus beyond Southern Europe to become a reference early-stage European investor.

Based in Madrid, Seaya Ventures has invested in some of the most prominent startups emerging from Southern Europe and Latin America, including Spain’s first two unicorns: ridesharing company Cabify and on-demand delivery app Glovo (Cathay Innovation also co-led its 2017 Series B). On the other hand, Cathay has backed breakout companies across the world from US digital bank Chime to France’s crypto leader Ledger and China’s e-commerce giant Pinduoduo. Importantly, the firm counts some of the world’s largest corporations as investors and strategic partners in its fund, including Bpifrance, BNP Cardif, Groupe ADP, Groupe SEB, Michelin, Valeo, Sanofi, Accor, L’Oreal, BioMerieux, CMA-CGM, Kering, Unilever and Pernod Ricard.

Beatriz Gonzalez, Founder and Managing Partner, Seaya Ventures: “At Seaya Ventures, we are thrilled to partner with Cathay Innovation on our joint mission to support and scale emerging startups to market leaders and have long been aligned both culturally and philosophically — demonstrated by our strong co-investment track record. Spain’s startup landscape, along with many other Spanish speaking countries, is becoming increasingly more global. As we’ve seen within our portfolio, such as Glovo and Wallbox, the region is drawing more capital from cross-border investments as companies are rapidly expanding to international markets. With its global reach and unique corporate ecosystem across sectors, our partnership with Cathay will enable greater opportunity for startups to access global funding and potential partners, expand internationally and become European leaders.”

Mingpo Cai, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Cathay Capital: “Seaya Ventures has played a critical role in the rising startup and technology landscape in Spain and across many Spanish speaking countries. We are extremely fortunate to count Beatriz and the entire team as trusted and knowledgeable partners that not only represents another bridge across continents, cultures and knowledge from Europe to China, the US, Africa, Latin America and beyond, but breaks the imaginary borders separating investment firms. At Cathay Capital, we believe that all people driving innovation forward – whether that’s entrepreneurs, investors or leading corporate executives – need to learn and work together to build the extraordinary companies that will lead the transformation towards a more digital, sustainable and equitable world.”

Jacky Abitbol, Managing Partner, Cathay Innovation: “With the globalization of technology, venture capital has expanded across the world yet is still largely siloed by region, limiting the support and access to knowledge firms can provide startups. This is precisely why we built our global platform, to help entrepreneurs everywhere grow and lead, whether that be in their home markets or on the global stage. After many years of working with the talented Seaya team, we’re honored to formalize our partnership that will further strengthen our platform throughout Southern Europe and Latin America, boost collaboration across the landscape and—above all else—bring greater value to the mission-driven entrepreneurs looking to make a greater impact on global communities.”


Cathay Innovation

Cathay Innovation is a global venture capital partnership, created in affiliation with Cathay Capital, investing in startups at the center of digital revolution across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Its global platform unifies technology investment across continents, investors, entrepreneurs and leading corporations to accelerate startup growth with access to new markets, invaluable industry knowledge and introductions to potential partners from the start. As a multistage fund with over $1.5 billion assets under management and offices across San Francisco, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore, Cathay Innovation partners with visionary entrepreneurs and startups positively impacting the world through technology. To learn more, please visit www.cathayinnovation.com or follow us on Twitter @Cathayinnov.


About Seaya Ventures

Seaya Ventures is a leading European & Latin-American Venture Capital firm based in Madrid, Spain, investing in exceptional entrepreneurs who are building global technology companies. Since raising its first fund in 2013, Seaya manages an aggregated volume of €300M across three early-stage funds. Seaya Ventures accelerates startup growth by working with the founders to enhance their strategic vision, putting at their disposal its global platform, its strong network of founders, investors and corporates, as well as Seaya’s experience in scaling leading companies such as Glovo, Cabify, Wallbox, Clarity, Clicars and Savana. For more information, please visit www.seayaventures.com.

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EQT joins FCLTGlobal and the movement of ending short-termism in the global capital markets


EQT AB is proud to announce its membership with FCLTGlobal, a non-profit organization with the mission of rebalancing capital markets to support a long-term, sustainable economy, and stimulating long-term behavior across the investment value chain. Members include more than 60 leading asset owners, asset managers and corporations from around the world. It is a rapidly growing initiative, as moving financial markets to the longer-term perspective is one of the most important systematic changes needed to provide companies with space to make the right investment decisions. Becoming a member of FCTLGlobal aligns perfectly with EQT’s purpose of future-proofing companies and making a positive impact with everything we do. It is also well in line with EQT’s thematic approach of investing with the future in mind, as well as the evaluation of a long-hold strategy as a natural extension of the current platform.

FCLTGlobal conducts research and develops tools to drive long-term value, with the guiding principle that working toward short-term financial targets comes at the expense of long-term value creation. Despite the fact that data shows that long-term-oriented investors deliver superior performance and long-term-oriented companies outperform in terms of revenue, earnings, and job creation, the focus in global investing remains largely skewed towards short-term performance.

Christian Sinding, CEO and Managing Partner at EQT AB, said, “The private markets industry has a huge opportunity to change this mindset, to think longer-term and to strive to simultaneously enhance financial returns and improve societies. And our industry has the power to make a real difference with a governance model and active ownership approach that get things done. We are deeply impressed by FCTLGlobal’s mission and research-based approach and are humbled by the opportunity to team up with the organization and all the other members in order to take an even more active role in the movement of tackling short-termism and promoting sustainable growth.”

Sarah Keohane Williamson, Chief Executive Officer, FCLTGlobal, said, “To FCLTGlobal, it is important that our members lead by example, and EQT is showing a strong commitment to integrate sustainability and long-term perspectives into their entire value creation process. We look forward to welcoming EQT and to collaborating on the various aspects of our upcoming research agenda.”

Nina Nornholm, Head of Communications, +46 708 550 356
EQT Press office: press@eqtpartners.com

About EQT 
EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization with close to three decades of consistent investment performance across multiple geographies, sectors, and strategies. EQT has raised more than EUR 84 billion since inception and had as of December 31, 2020 more than EUR 52 billion in assets under management across 17 active funds within two business segments – Private Capital and Real Assets.

With its roots in the Wallenberg family’s entrepreneurial mindset and philosophy of long-term ownership, EQT is guided by a set of strong values and a distinct corporate culture. EQT manages and advises funds and vehicles that invest across the world with the mission to future-proof companies, generate attractive returns and make a positive impact with everything EQT does.

The EQT AB Group comprises EQT AB (publ) and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, which include general partners and fund managers of EQT funds as well as entities advising EQT funds. EQT has offices in 17 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America with more than 700 employees.

More info: www.eqtgroup.com
Follow EQT on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram

About FCLTGlobal 
FCLTGlobal’s mission is to rebalance capital markets to support a long-term, sustainable economy. We are a non-profit organization supported by leading companies and investors worldwide that develops research and practical tools to drive long-term value creation for companies, savers, and communities. Please visit www.fcltglobal.org for more information.

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Material uplift expected in Kinnevik’s valuation of its Cedar investment

9 Mar 2021, 6:00 AM · Regulatory information

Kinnevik AB (publ) (“Kinnevik”) today announced that the company expects a material uplift in the assessed fair value of its investment in Cedar following several positive developments in the company and its market outlook, including a recently agreed funding round.

In Kinnevik’s Year-End Release 2020, Kinnevik’s stake in Cedar was valued at SEK 572m. During the last months, Cedar has continued to perform very strongly, achieving multiple all-time highs across its KPIs, and the market outlook has strengthened materially. These developments, in combination with a recently agreed funding round in the company, which has only a minor dilutive effect for Kinnevik, provide reference points for a valuation of Kinnevik’s investment in Cedar that would correspond to a value uplift well in excess of SEK 1.5bn or SEK 5.5 per Kinnevik share.

The reassessed fair value of Kinnevik’s investment in Cedar will be finalized and reported in Kinnevik’s Interim Report for the first quarter, to be published on 22 April 2021.

This information is information that Kinnevik AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, at 06.00 CET on 9 March 2021.

For further information, visit www.kinnevik.com or contact:

Torun Litzén, Director Investor Relations
Phone +46 (0)70 762 00 50
Email press@kinnevik.com

Kinnevik is an industry focused investment company with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our purpose is to make people’s lives better by providing more and better choice. In partnership with talented founders and management teams we build challenger businesses that use disruptive technology to address material, everyday consumer needs. As active owners, we believe in delivering both shareholder and social value by building long-term sustainable businesses that contribute positively to society. We invest in Europe, with a focus on the Nordics, the US, and selectively in other markets. Kinnevik was founded in 1936 by the Stenbeck, Klingspor and von Horn families. Kinnevik’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s list for large cap companies under the ticker codes KINV A and KINV B.


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Latour completes acquisition of Fristads AB, Kansas A/S, Kansas GmbH and Leijona Group Oy

Latour logo
2021-03-01 11:01

On December 10th 2020, Investment AB Latour (publ), through its fully owned subsidiary Hultafors Group AB, signed an agreement to acquire Fristads AB, Kansas A/S, Kansas GmbH and Leijona Group Oy from Fristads Kansas AB. All closing conditions have now been fulfilled and the transaction has been completed as of March 1st, 2021.

Göteborg, March 1st, 2021

Johan Hjertonsson, CEO

For further information, please contact:
Camilla Monefeldt Kirstein, EVP Business Unit Workwear, Hultafors Group AB, +46 734 333 634
Jens Eriksson, Vice President, M&A and Business Development Hultafors Group AB, +46 702 114 601

Hultafors Group is one of Europe’s largest companies to supply workwear, footwear, head protection, hand tools, tool carriers and ladders for professional users. The products are developed, manufactured and marketed as their own brands, which are available through leading distributors in about 40 markets, with emphasis on Europe and North America. Hultafors Group has more than 1,000 employees and net sales in 2020 amounted to SEK 3.6 billion.

Investment AB Latour is a mixed investment company consisting primarily of a wholly-owned industrial operations and an investment portfolio of listed holdings in which Latour is the principal owner or one of the principal owners. The investment portfolio consists of nine substantial holdings with a market value of about SEK 67 billion. The wholly-owned industrial operations has an annual turnover of about SEK 15 billion.



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EURAZEO receives €340M in new commitments to its growth strategy

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Paris, 3rd February 2021 –
Eurazeo has come to an agreement with a group of international investors that will provide €340m additional investment capacity for its Eurazeo growth strategy. The investors will commit to a newly created continuation fund that will acquire a 32% stake in Eurazeo Growth assets which were financed through the Eurazeo balance sheet. Eurazeo remains fully committed to the development of these companies; it will hold on to the remaining 68% of these assets and will maintain full control through the management of the continuation fund. This transaction remains subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions precedent and is expected to close within Q1 2021.
Through this transaction Eurazeo will receive cash proceeds of €215m. The transaction generates an IRR of c. 25% on the investments that are being realized. Assets are valued in line with the Eurazeo NAV as of 30 June 2020.

The commitments received for this transaction will fund the acquisition of the above 32% stake and provide follow on capital for the relevant portfolio companies, and fund new investments by the Eurazeo Growth team. The investor group is comprised of leading institutional investors in Europe and North America, representing collectively over €500 bn in assets under management. It comprises both returning investors and new relationships.

This transaction is a new milestone demonstrating investor appetite for this strategy launched in 2015 from Eurazeo’s balance sheet. Eurazeo Growth consists of a multilocal (Paris, London, Berlin) team of 15 professionals investing in and developing the next generation of European tech leaders. Together with the Venture Capital team, Eurazeo manages over €4 bn in AuM in fast growing Tech assets.
Yann du Rusquec, Partner at Eurazeo Growth, commented:
“With initial returns on this portfolio of above 25%, and significant new relationships for the Eurazeo Growth team, this is a very significant step for us and validates our vision and the investment model we have built over the years. We are proud that top level international investors trust us with this renewed partnership and look forward to shared success in the years to come. »

About Eurazeo
• Eurazeo is a leading global investment company, with a diversified portfolio of €18.8 billion in assets under management, including €13.3 billion from third parties, invested in over 430 companies. With its considerable private equity, real estate and private debt expertise, Eurazeo accompanies companies of all sizes, supporting their development through the commitment of its nearly 300 professionals and by offering in-depth sector expertise, a gateway to global markets, and a responsible and stable foothold for transformational growth. Its solid institutional and family shareholder base, robust financial structure free of structural debt, and flexible investment horizon enable Eurazeo to support its companies over the long term.

• Eurazeo has offices in Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, London, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Madrid.
• Eurazeo is listed on Euronext Paris.
• ISIN : FR0000121121 – Bloomberg : RF FP – Reuters : EURA.PA

mail : pbernardin@eurazeo.com
Te l : +33 (0)1 44 15 16 76

Tel: +33( 1 44 15 76 44

mail:dsturken@maitland .co .uk
Tel: +44 ( 7990 595 913

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