Tivian acquires guidespark to revolutionize the employee experience with the first intelligent experience management platform for Human Resources (HR). The combined capabilities allow companies to synthesize feedback from their workforce and drive change through communication that cuts through the noise and reaches the right employees at the right time with the right information.

Guidespark has a leading software and industry front-runner within change communication. The experience management category has focused heavily on reaching and optimizing customer interactions. But this singular customer-focused approach overlooks the most critical asset that companies have: their employees. With the acquisition of GuideSpark, Tivian will be the first to offer intelligent employee experience management using technology that delivers customized messaging and engages workers. With Tivian’s platform, companies can understand and respond to real-world employee groups’ specific needs, preferences, and concerns through personalized communication that drive the change necessary to create a world-class employee experience.

“The winners of tomorrow will be the companies that bring personalized communications to their workforce with a focus on improving their experience,” said Frank Møllerop, CEO of Tivian. “Effective employee communication is a prerequisite for corporate effectiveness for any company, which is why we’ve created an end-to-end solution that brings customer marketing technology principles to HR. The war for talent is over – talent has won – and companies that have neglected to prioritize their employees are now scrambling for ways to engage them. Organizations need to put their workforce at the top of their agenda to attract and retain talent.”

“The rapid acceleration of digital transformation and the shift to remote work over the last few years has created an overwhelming amount of employee communications and noise,” said Keith Kitani, CEO of GuideSpark. “Employees are struggling to keep up and stay engaged, which is why it is vital to deliver effective, relevant, and well-timed messages that drive the right behavior. By combining communication with Tivian’s experience platform, we will provide the first 360-degree employee solution that enables HR organizations to drive real business outcomes.”

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