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Animal genetics market leader Hendrix Genetics and salmon producer Salmones Aysen have announced the signing of a Genetic Service Agreement. With this agreement in place, Hendrix Genetics will stimulate the Coho salmon breeding and genetics program to advance product performance for the Chilean market.

Hendrix Genetics, a NPM Capital portfolio company, will direct the program and will integrate innovative technologies, such as genomic selection. In addition, Hendrix Genetics will support broodstock and egg production management and will analyze data collected from breeding and processing. The partnership will allow Salmones Aysen to tap into the expertise and resources of a global, multi-species breeding company.

This partnership is a natural complement to Hendrix Genetics’ owned Atlantic salmon breeding and egg production operations in Chile. The Atlantic salmon operations serve a growing demand for eggs based on high health status, proven commercial performance and year-round availability.

Pablo Baraona, Managing Director of Salmones Aysen said: “Having established a solid production base in Coho salmon over a number of years, we wanted to engage with the global leader in animal and aquaculture genetics to take our business to new heights. We believe that Hendrix Genetics will help us to improve our production and outputs and facilitate our growth plans for the next ten years.”

Neil Manchester, Managing Director Aquaculture of Hendrix Genetics states: “We are delighted to work with Salmones Aysen. Like Hendrix Genetics, Salmones Ayes is a family company with strong values and an entrepreneurial spirit, and we are convinced that this partnership will deliver significant results.”

About the companies
Hendrix Genetics, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a leading company in the fields of animal genetics. It has a multi-species focus, with core activities in the breeding of layers, turkeys, guinea fowl, pigs, salmon, trout and shrimp. Backed by a strong portfolio of leading brands, Hendrix Genetics provides expertise and resources to producers in more than 100 countries, with operations and joint ventures in 25 countries and nearly 3,400 employees worldwide. Hendrix Genetics is developing an increasing global presence in aquaculture breeding having been a pioneer in the development of genetic and genomic technologies since the 1990’s, with Atlantic salmon breeding and egg production operations in Scotland and Chile under the brand name Landcatch, trout breeding and egg production operations in the USA, Chile and UK under the brand name Troutlodge, and shrimp breeding operations in Hawaii, Malaysia and Ecuador under the brand name Kona Bay.

Salmones Aysen is one of the largest dedicated Coho salmon producers in Chile, with a reputation for quality production and premium branded products. It has offices in Chile (Santiago and Puerto Montt), Japan (Tokyo) and USA (Seattle). Through a team of seasoned professionals in the salmon industry, Salmones Aysen controls every stage of the productive chain, guaranteeing the highest quality standards demanded by different markets around the world.

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