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Deventer, June 13, 2024 – 819 Capital Partners has acquired the Touroperating division from ANWB through a buy-out, together with the management team Gert-Jan Bressers and Richard Broekhoven. The new organization will continue under the name Fox Reizen and will continue to develop and execute member trips for the ANWB.

ANWB is shifting its focus in the travel sector to offering a wide range of trips, but will no longer be developing these. The new Fox Reizen organization will continue to do this for ANWB.

Marga de Jager, CEO of ANWB: “We at ANWB are pleased with the privatization. The management knows the company well, which ensures the continuity of the organization. The privatization of the tour operating activities also fits well within ANWB’s strategy to focus more on the needs of our members and to meet those needs. We will continue to offer trips as ANWB, but we no longer want to develop and execute everything ourselves. We ensure a wide range products and services, including sales. In addition to our stores, we have a gateway for all products and services we offer at anwb.nl.”

Gert-Jan Bressers, director of Fox Reizen: “The privatization of the tour operating activities offers plenty of opportunities and makes us even more competitive, agile, and decisive. With the new management and our team, we will continue to focus on developing, selling, and executing beautiful trips in both Europe and beyond. We do this under the brands ANWB and Fox. We are convinced that with our expertise and passion, we will create great experiences for travelers. We look forward to working with our partner 819 Capital Partners to further expand the success of Fox Reizen in the coming years.”

Sven Kempers, director of 819 Capital Partners: “ANWB and Fox Reizen are renowned names in the travel industry. Given the strong management and the new form of cooperation with ANWB, we have great confidence in the future. We are pleased that we have been able to make this management buy-out possible from 819 Private Equity Fund I.”

All employees of the tour operating activities will move to Fox Reizen.

We have acquired Fox Reizen with 819 Private Equity Fund I.

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