Action, 3i’s largest portfolio company, was ranked first in EY-Parthenon’s annual study of France’s retail landscape.
The study was carried out in January 2023 in partnership with Dynata, an opinion polling organisation, and involved the interview of a panel of over 9,300 consumers in France aged 18 and over. It measures the percentage of fans among customers that made a purchase in the relevant category over the last 12 months.
Experts from EY-Parthenon explained the success of Action, which achieved third place in the rankings in 2022, as its “offer focused on very low prices, but also – and above all! – on a shopping experience considered among the most efficient and pleasant (small pleasures, treasure hunt)’.
Action had the strongest ‘fan rate’ of all retailers at 46%. The company also saw the best growth in fan rate over the year, with an increase of 8.4 points. This measurement has increased by 19 points in three years.
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