The Future of Industrial Lighting is Intelligent, Efficient, and Digital

SchahlLED Lighting, a leading provider of intelligent digital lighting solutions for industry and logistics, completes its second add-on of the year with the acquisition of LED Technics Germany (LTG). The acquisition is part of an ambitious growth strategy by Active Capital Company (ACC) ─ SchahlLED’s investor ─ to create a key player in the market for sustainable, intelligent, and digital industrial lighting. Expanding the business by acquiring add-ons as sales hubs throughout Germany is part of that strategy.

With unprecedented price hikes in the energy sector and a growing need for more sustainable resource management, the demand for intelligent LED lighting solutions is on the rise“, says Hartwig Ostermeyer, Investment Director and Managing Director at ACC in Germany. SchahlLED Lighting solutions provide highly efficient digital control functionalities that facilitate a significant reduction in cost, especially in industrial and logistics applications. Energy savings of up to 95 percent are possible, and far exceed the savings generated by the switch to LED technology alone. CO2 emission is also significantly reduced. The switch makes sense environmentally and, in light of increasing emissions prices, financially as well. Hartwig Ostermeyer: “Since we acquired SchahlLED in 2019, we have transformed the company into an efficient buy-and-build platform that is capable of quickly integrating add-ons. In LED Technics Germany, we have found a partner that fits the bill perfectly with highly efficient, user-friendly LED lighting solutions and digital sales channels.

About Active Capital Company

Active Capital Company (ACC) is an investment company with offices in Amsterdam and Munich and invests in small and medium-sized businesses headquartered in the Netherlands or Germany with revenues between €10M and €100M. ACC was founded and inspired by entrepreneurs with a passion for industrial environments. With a hands-on approach, ACC develops its investments through three main drivers: geographic expansion, sustainability and innovation.

About SchahlLED Lighting GmbH

SchahlLED is a turnkey service provider of intelligent LED solutions for the industrial and logistics sectors with more than 50 years of lighting and 20 years of LED experience. The company is based in Unterschleißheim near Munich and is active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. As both manufacturer and full-service provider, SchahlLED plans lighting concepts and supplies intelligent LED lighting systems. With an extensive network of sales and service partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, SchahlLED completes more than one hundred projects annually. For more information, visit

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