Leading high-tech sensing specialist partners with hands-on investor to scale-up and commercialize unique proprietary technologyAlkmaar,

9 September2019– Technobis Group is an industrial holding based in Alkmaar, the Netherlands and is active in the development and production of high-tech measurement equipment and components. Active Capital Company (ACC) invests in Technobis to scale-up the group and enable the accelerated roll-out of its integrated photonics solutions.

Technobis develops and produces measurement equipment like crystallization systems, in order to very precisely measure the solubility properties for drug development by pharmaceutical companies and other life sciences customers. In addition, Technobis develops and manufactures turn-key medical equipment for leading European medical technology and industrial groups. Lastly, the company is the world-leader in integrated photonic sensing equipment,leveraging proprietary technology to provide sensing solutions to a range of industries such as Aerospace, Medical, Mobility and Energy markets worldwide.

Integrated photonic sensing is a fast developing technology,substituting conventional sensing technologies with factor 10,000xin frequency &resolution (accuracy) and at least ten time less weight, with very low power usage. The European Union has classified the Photonics sector as one of the key-enabling technologies and the Dutch government has included this in the HighTech Systems &Materials top-sector. Technobis is a prominent partner of Photon Delta; a Dutch public-private partnership with the aim of strengthening the ecosystem of integrated photonics.

Together with Pim Kat (founder and former CEO of Technobis) and management,Active Capital Company is proud to announce that Parties have come to an agreement whereby Active Capital Company acquires a majority stake in Technobis Group, while management further(re)-invests in the company.This is the first investment withACC’snew fund.

Management & shareholders

As part of the transaction Mr. Daan Koppen de Neve has recently been appointed CEO of Technobis Group, thereby allowing Pim Kat tofully focus on the technological developments as the newCTO of the group. Pim Kat comments: “Together with the team at Technobis we look forward to partnering with Active Capital Company and Daan Kopp en de Neve and welcome their active support in realizing our strategic plan at an accelerated pace”. Mels Huige, Partner at Active Capital Company, comments: “We are impressed with Technobis Group’s unique technological know-how and proprietary technology developed in the course of the last decades”.

About Technobis

Technobis Group consists of three business units.Technobis System Supplier (TSS)is specialized in carrying out complete product development projects, going from an idea to a successful turn-key product, prototype or series product for medical, life-science and high-tech industries.Technobis Crystallization Systems(TCS)is a leading technology provider for solid-state research, process development and formulation. Integrated Photonic Sensing (IPS)is specialized in the research, development, engineering and production of Integrated Photonic Sensing modules and systems. The company develops and supplie sfibre optic sensing systems and applications based on its proprietary integrated photonics technology. In addition IPS is a solution provider for PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuits) evaluation & packaging by supplying dedicated and mid-range volume packaging services.

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Active Capital Company is an independent hands-on private equity fund focused on small-and medium sized enterprises in the Netherlands and Germany. ACC invests in production companies, equipment manufacturers and technical wholesalers/distributors with revenues between € 10mand € 100m. Through a highly entrepreneurial and active approach, ACC maximizes the long-term value of its investments by supporting management in the hands-on execution of value enhancing projects. ACC currently invests from its new fund IVwhich will see its final close at the hard cap of € 85m, raised from both institutional investors and entrepreneurs.For further information about Active Capital Company please visit Note for the editors, not for publication:

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