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Almi Invest invests SEK 1.6 million in Sundsvall company AppliedGroup Nordic, which develops a cloud-based customer loyalty programs for online merchants.

In the issue of a total of over three million is also participating Savings Bank Foundation and private sector investors. The money will go to the development and marketing for the launch of its service in October.

With AppliedGroups service called Penguin (formerly Applied Loyalty), e-retailers flexibly design their own loyalty programs. The system collects data about customers’ interests and buying habits, in order to offer benefits and discounts specifically tailored for each customer.

The system also rewards e-commerce customer engagement in social media. A customer, such as parts or like Facebook Posts from an e-retailers will be rewarded. What kind of reward given is up to the individual e-retailer.

– Customer loyalty is key to e-retailers, says Mats Håkansson, Investment Manager at Almi Invest. AppliedGroup offers a concept of the end customer’s perspective in mind and we believe that this responds to a wide customer needs.

The underlying need for AppliedGroups service is increased sales and improved margins for e-retailers, primarily through increased frequency of repeat purchases from customers. The service was developed in cooperation with a major e-retailers, with positive results. In October, it’s time for a broader rollout.

– With this investment we will be able to carry a full introduction to the market and get the show in black and white what great benefit traders get out of our service, says Johan Wikström, President of AppliedGroup.

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