Almi Invest invests in Vasteras based Sally R, a company that uses technology from space stations to have better indoor air to lower energy consumption in buildings. The issue is also involved private investors.

The company will use the money to produce a finished product and to start selling.

Sally R, founded in 2016, is developing a new system for climate management in real estate. By combining technology for closed systems for space stations using its own technology, Sally R may provide an air cleaner that provides a cleaner and better air with minimal power consumption.

Today, taking the climate systems in air from the outside and then sends out the excess. This requires a lot of energy, because the outside air must be filtered, heated or cooled depending on outdoor conditions. In space there is no outdoor air and where the air must be treated and recycled.

Sally R’s algorithm combines both systems and determine how much air should be based on how much should be recycled and how much should be cleaned using space technology.

This is a major improvement over the current system, where you have to choose between air quality and energy conservation. If you reduce the ventilation energy is saved, but get less air. Emphasis is however on cleaner air, as in an operating room, it draws more power.

With Sally Rs solution to get both.

– Given that buildings account for 1/3 of the world’s energy consumption, we see great potential for the company, says Jenny Jansson, investment manager at Almi Invest. Sally R has a very good team and a great product for a growing market that requires less energy.

The company will now apply for a patent and produce a first marketable version of the product.

– This investment will allow us to take the next step, says Sally R’s CEO and founder Viktor Kjellberg. Air pollution in the world’s a big problem and where we hope to make a difference.

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