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Alpega Group’s inet is strengthening its product offering with the integrated transport planning and optimization software 4flow vista®. With the acquisition of the rights to 4flow vista’s planning software, inet is now offering a seamlessly integrated TMS (“Transport Management System”) including planning, tendering, execution and highly developed analytics capabilities. Customers will benefit from higher visibility and flexibility, more automated processes and logistics cost savings of 20%+. Customers comprise mid-sized to large enterprises, some of which have saved more than €100m p.a. in logistics costs.

inet and 4flow are cooperating since 2003. Headquartered in Berlin, 4flow optimizes mid- and long term transportation requirements and networks, evaluating the best transport modalities, network structures and routes. The combination of inet products and 4flow vista® has already been deployed at various key customers such as Magna, Lear, Agco, Volvo and Robert Bosch. inet and 4flow plan to continue their joint product development in the future.

Following the acquisition of procurement software TenderEasy earlier in the year, the 4flow vista® addition allows Alpega to deliver an end-to-end solution to its global customers across different industries.

Alpega was formed in 2017 as a leading global logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions covering all transport needs, including TMS solutions and freight exchanges and offering its customers the largest network of carriers in Europe. Key products comprise:

  • inet – TMS solution for complex, multi-modal global transportation networks including unique dynamic optimization capabilities
  • TenderEasy – Freight procurement solution that allows its customers to run tenders across verticals and geographies
  • Transwide – Modular TMS solution for shippers, logistics service providers and carriers to manage the end-to-end execution of transports
  • TAS-tms – Modular TMS solution that enables carriers and freight forwarders to manage the entire transport process
  • Teleroute, Bursa and 123cargo – Pan-European freight exchanges that connect to more than 50,000 carriers to offer and allocate shipments and trucks

About Castik Capital
Castik Capital S.à r.l. (“Castik Capital”) manages investments in private equity. Castik Capital is a European multi-strategy investment manager, acquiring significant ownership positions in European private and public companies, where long-term value can be generated through active partnerships with management teams.
Castik Capital has an investment horizon of up to ten years – longer than most other private equity funds. This enables Castik Capital to focus resources on its portfolio companies and ensure sustainable, long-term value creation.

Founded in 2014, Castik Capital is based in Luxembourg and focuses on identifying and developing investment opportunities across Europe. Investments are made by the Luxembourg-based fund, EPIC I SLP, the first fund managed by Castik Capital, which had its final close at EUR 1bn in July 2015.

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