Establishing Metis Group marks a new step in the international buy-and-build strategy.

Eindhoven, 9 January 2024 – Variass, AME, and Gimv are delighted to announce the establishment of Metis Group, effective as of today, January 9, 2024. Metis Group is a group of electronics companies that provide Development, Manufacturing and Product Life Cycle Management services to customers. Metis Group aims to facilitate collaboration among its subsidiary companies by sharing best practices and optimizing production and development capabilities, thereby maximizing value for its customer base.

The step to establish the Metis Group is a logical one after the acquisition of a majority stake in AME in 2020 and Variass in 2022 by Gimv, a leading European investment company.

Metis Group: Together towards tomorrow
Metis Group’s companies are partnering with customers to develop and manufacture the innovations of tomorrow. With a combined revenue of well over EUR 100M+ and a strong and committed workforce of 450+ employees across multiple locations including Eindhoven, Veendam and Drachten in the Netherlands, Metis Group is ready to accelerate high-tech solutions together with its partners.

Metis Group is committed to positioning itself as a premier technology manufacturer in various segments of the industry, health, safety, energy, and climate markets. The goal is to significantly expand in the next years through both organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions. The subsidiaries under Metis Group will maintain their unique business operations while collaborating to launch new services, exchange best practices, and drive forward their collective ambition: Together towards tomorrow.

Leadership and Governance
Reinier Beltman will lead the Metis Group and will also continue his current CEO-role at AME. As a former CEO of Ampleon, Reinier has ample experience in realizing growth in a high-tech environment by continuously striving to maximize customer value. He will be complemented by Ronald Diederiks as CFO. They will be working closely together with the management teams of Variass and AME. The supervisory board is comprised of Henk Smid (founder and former CEO of Variass), Boris Wirtz and Tom Van de Voorde (both from Gimv). This seasoned leadership team is committed to steering Metis Group towards a future marked by innovation, market leadership, and to being an attractive employer with a high level of employee engagement.

Reinier Beltman, CEO of Metis Group, remarks “joining forces will accelerate our growth path and strengthen the partnerships with customers of each Metis Group company”.

Boris Wirtz, chairman of the supervisory board, added “the establishment of Metis Group as a platform for further buy-and-build marks a significant milestone in our journey. It reflects our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth. As a Supervisory Board, we are excited to support a vision that not only propels our companies forward but also contributes significantly to the ‘smart industries sector’ we operate in”.

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