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Anders Invest has today completed a 100% participation in the Noord Nederlandse Draadindustrie (NNDI) from Dokkum. NNDI specializes in the production of wire for a wide range of industrial applications, including reinforcing steel. NNDI has a turnover of approximately €50-55 million and employs more than 55 employees.

NNDI is a continuation of the Leeuwarden Wire Industry, which was founded in 1928. The company has developed into a specialized production company for the production of drawn bare wire and reinforcing steel on coils and bars. The company also produces wire nails. Bare wire is used, for example, in hinge pins, car seats, wire baskets, nails, suspension brackets and shopping trolleys.

NNDI has a spacious and modern production facility in Dokkum. Due to the variety of finishing operations, flexibility in the machinery and qualified employees, NNDI is able to quickly serve customers with deviating wishes regarding finishing, dimensions and order size. Customers throughout Europe are served from Dokkum.

Anders Invest has acquired its interest from the current owners of NNDI and will continue to work actively with the current management to continue the growth and further professionalize the organization.

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