Munich, November 13

In course of a succession settlement , AUCTUS has acquired a share in the Berlin-based Contus Group. The Contus Group – Berlin Brandenburg is an active player in the construction industry as a full-service provider for installation, maintenance and repair of electric, heating and sanitary facilities, especially in residential properties (but also other types of real estate).

The company has been family-owned since shortly after its foundation in 1991. With this transaction, AUCTUS enabled a smooth generation change by acquiring the father’s shares, while the son stays shareholder and CEO of the company. Being based in Berlin, the Contus Group – Berlin Brandenburg is ideally located to serve the most dynamic markets for renovation and new-building construction in Germany, since there is an urgent housing shortage and a high share of very old residential real estate in the region. The Contus Group- Berlin Brandenburg is one of the few companies in Berlin capable of offering the so-called “Strangsanierung”: Fast-paced renovation processes allow residents to leave their unrenovated home in the morning and come back to their fully renovated home in the evening of the same day! This is a great USP, since tenant satisfaction (and, therefore, no bad publicity or damage claims) is of utmost importance to housing companies.

Moreover, in 2010, the Contus Group – Berlin Brandenburg has won the “Grand Prix of the ‘Mittelstand’”, a renowned award that confirms the success of Contus Group’s business model.

Currently, the company generates a total output of EURm 25 and shall expand Germany-wide via add-on acquisitions.

AUCTUS is with 14 investment professionals and more than 160 investments in the last 17 years the leading Private Equity firm in the German-speaking SME sector. We particularly focus on a sector-specific ‘Buy-and-Build’ strategies in which up to 30 national and international companies are merged to form a market leader. Our portfolio companies grow on average by 10% per year in employees, revenues and income. Within the last years AUCTUS received dozens of awards for being the best German-speaking fund as well as for being the best Buy-and Build fund.

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