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Aarhus, Denmark April 4th, 2024

Boyum IT Solutions (“Boyum”) is a global supply chain software vendor based in Denmark, with more than 12,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Netronic, based in Germany, is a software vendor with complementary functionality in production scheduling for SME manufacturers, globally. Similar to Boyum, Netronic offers its solutions to both Microsoft Dynamics and SAP customers, distributing their add-ons via hundreds of partners across the world.

With this acquisition, Boyum expands its cloud manufacturing offering to enable an end-to-end product value chain, creating a more holistic portfolio of ERP add-ons for its customers and partners across the SAP and Microsoft ecosystems.

The product and organizational synergies match the overall objective of helping more manufacturers produce and launch better products, with Boyum and NETRONIC both being flexible and passionate about rapidly adapting to the needs of their customers and partners.

Mikael Boyum, founder and CEO of Boyum IT, is excited about the opportunities that Netronic manufacturing will allow the company to pursue: “I’m very happy about the doors that this powerful scheduling tool opens for manufacturing SMEs in general, as well as for our current customers and partners. This will significantly enhance what our Cloud Apps and Beas currently offer and is another move in the right direction towards our goal of being the long-term product value chain partner – from the innovation stage, in which a product is idealized and designed, to its launch.”

Elmar Karlowitsch, COO, and Martin Karlowitsch, CEO of NETRONIC, are enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead: “We successfully established NETRONIC as a brand for powerful scheduling for small and mid-sized manufacturers. By joining forces with the Boyum team, we now can offer a full suite of manufacturing apps to our Dynamics 365 Business Central customers. So far in our business careers, we never saw a better fitting example of the ‘1 + 1 = 3’ formula.”

Boyum is owned by Volpi Capital – a B2B tech specialist investing across Northern Europe. Volpi Capital is experienced in international expansion and buy-and-build, driving sustainable and profitable growth.

Marc Andreoli and Fernando Piekenbrock,investors at Volpi Capital, are looking forward to continued growth for the combined group going forward: “After successfully integrating Perfion last year, we anticipate further revenue synergies from the merger between Boyum and NETRONIC. The acquisition will strengthen our positioning as a global ERP-agnostic provider of product value chain solutions and deepen our penetration of the highly growing Microsoft Dynamics market.”

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