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Torqx Capital Partners (“Torqx”) and Oscar Dackus have come to an agreement concerning the acquisition of Clean In 60 Meters by Torqx. Clean In 60 Meters is a premium car wash located in Heerlen and is known for its high quality wash process, exceptional customer experience and enthusiastic team of employees. Clean In 60 Meters is an important stepping stone to further build the leading Benelux network of premium carwashes. Following the acquisition, Torqx will further invest in its facilities by implementing an upgrade plan for which Clean In 60 Meters was recently granted a permit. The upgrade will further increase its capacity and expand washing capabilities, allowing customers to count on an even faster and more comprehensive service.

Oscar, the founder of Clean In 60 Meters, is very pleased with the acquisition by Torqx and sees strong potential for Clean in 60 Meters as a core member of the Carwash Group. “I founded Clean In 60 Meters 13 years ago and I am very proud of what we have achieved with the team. Now that the time has come for me to take a step back, I am happy that I can hand over my business to a group of young, enthusiastic and highly professional people who share with me the same passion for carwash. The acquisition also ensures a bright future for my employees and the company itself, as part of a strong group of premium car washes that has the relevant capabilities as well as the required capital and willingness to invest further in this company and its people.”

Hein Castelijns, Managing Director of the Carwash Group, is looking forward to further developing the carwash together with the current team: “We are very pleased with our expansion towards the southern region of The Netherlands. Oscar has built a wonderful company with a great reputation, characterised by a high-quality washing process, a strong team and premium customer experience. This makes Clean In 60 Meters a very valuable and fitting addition to the rest of the group. Furthermore, I am greatly enthused about the renovation plans that will allow us to improve the customer experience even further and, at the same time make the washing process more sustainable.”

With the acquisition of Clean In 60 Meters, Torqx continues to build on its goal of developing a leading network of premium carwash locations in the Benelux region. David van Hasselt, Partner at Torqx sees the acquisition as an important step: “The acquisition of Clean In 60 Meters enables us to further expand our network of premium carwash locations and brings us closer to achieving network coverage throughout the Benelux region. It also means that we have once again gained the trust of a respected and successful carwash entrepreneur like Oscar, which is a strong confirmation that we are on the right track.”

About Clean In 60 Meters
Carwash Clean In 60 Meters is widely recognised in the carwash industry as a high-quality carwash in Limburg with a strong and recognisable brand. Oscar started the carwash in 2009, due to its high-end machinery and excellent maintenance, Clean In 60 Meters is known for its high-quality washing process. In addition, an energetic and customer-oriented way of working of the employees ensures that Clean In 60 Meters offers every customer an excellent and premium wash experience. For more information, please visit: 

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