Dear Investors, Pfaeffikon SZ, March 2023

Partners and Friends of Ufenau Capital Partners,
We are delighted to announce that the group supported by the Fund Ufenau VII Asset Light (“Group”), which acquired a majority stake in Marktest in January, has incorporated Conecta RC and Amber Marketing in March with the aim to lead the market research space in Iberia.
Marktest, the leading independent market research and marketing analytics player in Portugal, is joining forces with Conecta RC and Amber Marketing. The new partnership will further expand the Group’s capacities in Spain, by incorporating highly professional local complementary teams in Madrid and Barcelona, with the aim to continue their successful development and accelerate growth.

Conecta RC, a market research specialist based in Madrid with +20 years experience, has developed a solid relationship with its clients, large international groups and leaders in sectors such as consumer, finance, insurance, healthcare and education. Through a client-oriented and innovation-driven approach, its multidisciplinary team is a market reference for their systematic and methodological approach to market research.
Amber Marketing, a market research and consulting specialist based in Barcelona and Madrid with +20 years experience, is a sector reference in the healthcare, consumer and services space, leveraging a deep market understanding and an unrivalled panel of healthcare professionals. Striving to provide high-value for its clients, Amber Marketing’s team turns complexity into simpler and actionable insights.

The founders of Conecta RC and Amber Marketing will significantly co-invest, joining Ufenau and Marktest’s founders as partners, and driving the Group into its next growth phase. In addition to the benefits of the leading presence across Spain, the combined team will ensure the continuation of the Group’s successful growth strategy, providing room for joint knowledge and product development that will expand the combined service proposition in a highly technical and constantly evolving market.

José Manuel Oliveira, CEO of the Group, said “I am very glad to see Conecta RC and Amber Marketing professionals join our Group, adding highly professional and commited teams that bring many years of experience and relationships. I am convinced that all our clients will benefit from our strong combined capacity”.
Miguel Muñoz, Esther Fernández-Mayoralas, and Óscar Chicharro, founder and partners of Conecta RC, said “We are delighted to be part of the Group. It’s a fundamental step in our growth path that will ensure continuity of our business model while providing the benefits of the combined strengths, helping us grow as a team and offer an enhanced value proposition for our demanding clients.”

Antonio Bermejo and Ángel Amat, founders of Amber Marketing, added “We are convinced about the benefits of the Group’s strategy for our team’s development. They will enable us to accelerate and complement our growth plans, while ensuring we continue to provide unique actionable insights.”
Ralf Flore, Managing Partner at Ufenau, considers that “We are pleased to see Conecta RC and Amber Marketing join the Group as partners. The combination of complementary highly professional teams provides significant room for collaboration and value creation, ensuring our Group continues to be at the forefront of market research and data analytics in Iberia. ”

About Ufenau Capital Partners
Ufenau Capital Partners is a privately-owned Swiss Investor Group headquartered at Lake Zurich which advises private and institutional investors with their investments in private equity. Ufenau Capital Partners is focused on investments in service companies in German-speaking Europe, Iberia and the Benelux region and invests in Education & Lifestyle, Business Services, Healthcare, IT Services and Financial Services sectors. Since 2011, Ufenau invested in +280 service companies in Europe. Through a renowned group of experienced Industry Partners (owners, CEOs, CFOs), Ufenau has an active value-adding investment approach at eye-level with entrepreneurs and managers. Ufenau raised its seventh flagship fund and its third Continuation Vehicle in 2022 with a volume of EUR 1.6bn and advises capital of EUR 2.5bn.
Conecta RC and Amber Marketing join forces with Marktest

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