The mineral company Damolin has been sold to Imerys – the world’s leading provider of mineral-based solutions to the industry. 


Erhvervsinvest has sold the Danish mineral company Damolin to France-based Imerys.

Damolin was founded in 1942 as Dansk Moler Industri A/S. The company’ main activities are minerals extraction and processing of minerals into products with a wide range of applications, such as absorption of oil and chemical spills, as a multi functional component in animal feed, and as cat litter. The products are primarily based on the highly unique mineral moclay, which is found only on the Danish islands of Fur and Mors.

Damolin’s headquarter is located on Fur, and the company has factories on Fur and Mors, as well as subsidiaries in France and Germany. Revenue in 2016 is expected to reach DKK 330 million, and the products are sold through Danish and European retail chains and distributors and directly to producers of animal feed and the industry. Damolin has 154 employees and has been owned by Erhvervsinvest and the company’s management since December 2010.


– ”Damolin has been a good investment for us, and we are proud of the development of the company during our ownership period. Together with the employees and management, we have made Damolin a leading player in Northern Europe with high profitability and a strong foundation in place for the journey ahead”, says Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner in Erhvervsinvest.

Imerys is a publicly listed French company engaged in extraction and processing of minerals. The company supplies value-added solutions to a wide range of industries, from process industries to consumer goods. Imerys’ revenue in 2015 was EUR 4 billion, and Imerys has more than 16,000 employees across 250 industrial sites.

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