ExproSoft, a supplier of well integrity and reliability software to the oil & gas industry, has acquired Miriam, a supplier of RAM analysis software. The acquisition strengthens and complements ExproSoft’s software portfolio, and further increases the capabilities of ExproSoft to aid oil & gas operators with increasing well uptime and reducing intervention and maintenance cost.

Miriam’s RAM Studio software is a tool for conducting reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) analysis. The software helps the oil & gas operators achieve high regularity of oil and gas fields and processing facilities. RAM Studio is a cloud-based platform that enables powerful integration with other solutions.

ExproSoft’s WellMaster software suite is a globally recognized solution for well integrity management and well performance analytics. With more than 40,000 well years of equipment history the solution helps operators identify critical equipment, failures, risk, and downtime drivers. Combined with online monitoring and testing the solution helps in reducing downtime and cost.

Integrating Miriam RAM Studio with WellMaster will enable prediction of failures, downtime, and intervention cost for new and existing wells. This is aligned with ExproSoft’s strategy of further improving well prediction and optimization, and introduce risk-based maintenance planning.

“Miriam has proven to be a next step in RAM analysis. Delivered as a cloud-based service Miriam has demonstrated that it is the most agile solution for RAM analysis in the market. ExproSoft is pleased to be able to offer the two products, Miriam and WellMaster, to the market, as well as the combined analytic capabilities that will change the way the oil and gas industry look at maintenance optimization throughout the complete value chain,” says Odd Are Svensen, CEO of ExproSoft.

“Miriam sees in this acquisition a great opportunity to accelerate the development and marketing of its RAM Studio software, thus better serve the needs of its current and future users. At the same time, Miriam is proud to have been chosen by ExproSoft, a leader within well analytics, as the preferred solution to support WellMaster’s well prediction features. The synergy between the two companies will allow a faster delivery of customer value for RAM Studio and WellMaster in the years to come,” says Christophe Spaggiari, CTO of Miriam.

Exprosoft is a Viking Venture 3 portfolio company. More info: exprosoft.com

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