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Flexiramics recently has raised a follow-on investment of € 4.5M in from new and existing shareholders, including Cottonwood Technology Fund, Demcon Investment, Oost NL and 819 Capital Partners.

Flexiramics’ unique technology produces 100% ceramic nanofibers in the form of ultra-thin mat and other products with one-of-a-kind material properties that address customer unmet needs across multiple industrial applications, including microfiltration, membranes, catalyst support and heat dissipation in electronics.

CEO Andy Wynn: “I would like to thank all of our shareholders for their tremendous support over the last two years in helping our growing team build such an exciting portfolio of commercial opportunities and deliver the world’s first pilot facility for production of ceramic nanofiber mats. This new investment will enable the team to grow Flexiramics® from a start up to a scale up over the next 2 years and position the company for full scale productionization and commercialization.”

CTO and founder Gerard Cadafalch Gazquez: “This new investment is a major step towards our strategic goal of becoming the leader in enabling breakthrough engineering solutions through non-woven ceramic materials and derivatives.”

819 Capital Partners invested in Flexiramics from 819 Evergreen Fund.

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