As previously announced by EQT and communicated in Investor AB’s Year-End Report 2018, EQT is reviewing different options to further strengthen its balance sheet and several steps are being taken to simplify EQT AB’s ownership structure.

Investor supports the steps being taken by EQT. As one part of these steps and after having received relevant regulatory approvals, Investor AB has now increased its ownership in EQT AB from 19 percent to approximately 23 percent. Investor AB will continue as a long-term shareholder in EQT AB.

More information on EQT:
As EQT discloses on its website, it has since its inception raised EUR 61 bn. in capital across 29 funds and currently has around EUR 40 bn. in assets under management. In 2018, EQT AB generated roughly EUR 400 m. in revenue on the back of EUR 30 bn. in average assets under management. Following the completion of the simplification of EQT’s ownership structure, EQT AB will receive 100 percent of the management fee from funds. In addition, EQT AB will be entitled to approximately 1/3 of the carried interest in the most recent as well as future funds. EQT AB’s share of carry will be lower in older existing funds. Read more about EQT at

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