August 18, 2023 (Chicago, IL) – HBR Consulting, LAC Group, and Wilson Allen today announced the launch of Harbor, an expert services provider across strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence. Following the integration of the three companies and several key acquisitions, Harbor comes to market as a single entity serving law firms, corporations, and their law departments. With 650+ strategists, technologists, and specialists around the world, Harbor is unique in the depth, breadth, and scope of its expertise, as well as its focus on the legal industry. Harbor has also launched its new brand identity at its website,

“The legal industry is facing a period of complex change. Business and economic challenges have made it imperative that law firms and law departments operate as efficiently as possible, while investing in future growth. Technological advances such as generative AI and a rapidly evolving landscape of cloud applications have also presented new challenges as well as opportunities to get ahead of the competition,” said Matt Sunderman, CEO of Harbor.

“Our new company, Harbor, is dedicated to helping our clients address these challenges and navigate to a future in which they thrive. From business strategy and transformation, to intelligence, operations, expense optimization, and technology implementation, we bring world-class talent and insights to law firms, corporations, and their law departments, as an extended part of their teams,” Sunderman added.

Commitment to the Legal Industry

As a combined entity, Harbor serves more than 80% of Global 200 law firms, and 50% of the Fortune 500. The company has its global headquarters in Chicago and a significant presence across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Building on its 30+ year heritage, Harbor brings unparalleled expertise, knowledge, and scale as a services provider to the legal industry, as well as resilient connections throughout the legal ecosystem.

End-to-End Services

Harbor provides the essential resources and insights that help law firms, corporations, and their law departments drive strategic change, accelerate major initiatives, and increase resource effectiveness. The new company delivers integrated, end-to-end services, incorporating strategic advice, practical implementation, ongoing operational support, and intelligence.

As an example, many organizations today are grappling with how to formulate their strategies regarding advanced technologies such as generative AI. As part of a consulting engagement, Harbor experts can assess clients’ AI-readiness – the state of their data, where their data resides in the cloud and on premises, and the extent to which operational processes need to be optimized to have the greatest impact.

By providing intelligence on how major technology players in the legal ecosystem are incorporating AI, Harbor can also help firms define a strategy that will help to achieve their objectives. After working together to put the foundations in place, the Harbor team can implement and test use cases where AI offers the most potential from a business point of view.

Through its industry reports and community forums, Harbor encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange to move the legal industry forward across strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence.

Integration of Heritage Companies

The launch of Harbor as a new services provider is a new chapter for the three companies – HBR Consulting, LAC Group, and Wilson Allen – after starting their combination in late 2022. In early 2023, the company acquired Aurora North and Younts Consulting – teams specializing in legal tech applications and cloud migration. In July of this year, the company expanded again with the addition of business process automation and AI-focused contracts intelligence specialist KP Labs.

About Harbor

Harbor is the preeminent provider of expert services across strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence.

Our globally integrated team of 650+ strategists, technologists, and specialists navigates alongside our clients – leading law firms, corporations, and their law departments – to provide essential resources and invaluable insights.

Anchored in a rich heritage of deep knowledge, steadfast relationships, and mutual respect, our unwavering dedication lies in shaping the future of the legal industry, and fostering enduring partnerships within our community and ecosystem.

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