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Hendrix Genetics has substantially expanded and upgraded its US facilities, including its turkey hatcheries and prawn and trout farms. These investments will help the global leader in animal genetics to significantly strengthen its position in the US market.

Highest-quality turkeys

The company has invested tens of millions of dollars in the construction of two new hatcheries and various new egg production facilities. In addition, Hendrix Genetics has purchased new state-of-the-art trucks equipped with hatching facilities and established a modern distribution network to increase the number of turkey deliveries in the United States and beyond. Through these investments, the NPM Capital portfolio company guarantees a reliable supply of the highest-quality products.

Hendrix Genetics opened the first state-of-the-art hatchery in Grand Island, Nebraska in late 2017, with a capacity of 100,000 one-day old chicks a day, five days a week. This investment comes in the wake of a major upgrade carried out at the grandparent stock facility in Virginia.

The new barns were built in accordance with Hendrix Genetics’ stringent guidelines, to ensure that its high quality standards are complied with across the entire supply chain.

Increased prawn exports

Since partnering with Hawaiian-based Kona Bay Marine Resources in 2017, Hendrix Genetics also supplies prawns. A brand-new packaging and shipping facility recently became operational on the premises of the hatchery on the island of Kauai. The investment will help to boost prawn exports, while maintaining the current high quality levels.

Top-quality trout

The trout farm operated by Hendrix Genetics in Washington State has been a global supplier of the finest trout for more than 70 years. These high quality levels are also guaranteed through investments in research capacity and a major extension of the Family Genetics building. The company’s incubator is currently one of the largest privately-owned facilities of its kind worldwide.

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