InfraVia Capital Partners (InfraVia) and UK data centre operator Next Generation Data (NGD) today announced the acquisition by InfraVia European Fund III (“InfraVia III”) of a controlling stake
in NGD for an undisclosed amount. NGD’s founders, Simon Taylor (Chairman) and Nick Razey (CEO), will remain significant shareholders in the company. NGD opened its flagship 750,000 square feet data centre in south Wales in early 2010. The largest data centre in Europe includes its own private connection to the National SuperGrid with up to 180MW
of power (sufficient to power a city the size of Bristol) generated from 100% renewable sources.
NGD has attracted large multinational clients including a number of major Cloud Computing service providers. These require secure, resilient and scalable data processing and storage facilities for hosting Cloud, Big Data and High Performance Computing infrastructures.
Investment from InfraVia will enable NGD to accelerate future growth: it will be used for the expansion of existing UK data centre capacity including the addition of a second site and connection of further high speed transatlantic fibre communications networks. The funding will
also be made available for stepping up international sales efforts, especially in North America and Asia.

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