In a landmark move set to transform the orthopedic industry, Intech, a global leader in Medical Device manufacturing, is thrilled to announce that is has acquired Lenkbar LLC, Florida-based innovative Cutting Tool expert.

This strategic partnership establishes a worldwide entity that combines broad capabilities in precision machining with unmatched expertise in grinding of cutting tools, setting new standards in quality, innovation, and customer service.


“I am very excited about this union of forces and the endless possibilities it holds for our customers. Together, we are poised to advance minimally invasive surgery, cutting tools, and sports medicine, as we continue to push boundaries and articulate the future of Healthcare.“ Laurent Pruvost, President & CEO, Intech.

I am very excited about this union of forces and the endless possibilities it holds for our customers.

Laurent Pruvost, CEO, Intech

As a leading Medical Device manufacturing powerhouse, Intech has grown globally to become one of the most recognised Contract Design and Manufacturing Organization (“CDMO”) in Orthopedics.

Offering a true one-stop-shop platform, the company has been instrumental in supporting its customers around the globe with custom design and manufacturing of instruments, implants, cases and trays, as well as 3D-printed solutions. Intech’s dedication to delivering top-notch quality devices has earned the Group, backed by Montagu, an esteemed reputation in the industry.

The addition of Lenkbar and its articulated FlexMetric® technology to the Intech family pushes the Group’s offering to new heights. With an additional 30,000 sq.ft. facility in Naples, FL., Lenkbar adds vertically integrated capabilities that span from gun-drilling to grinding, taking drills, taps and handheld devices all the way to cleaning, passivation, and sterile packaging.

Lenkbar’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology has earned them a stellar reputation within the Trauma, Extremities and Sports Medicine space.

“Lenkbar is delighted to join the Intech group. Working with Laurent and his team will not only bolster our footprint and portfolio of solutions, but will also rapidly enable us to replicate critical processes at sister facilities.“ Erik Papenfuss, President & CEO, Lenkbar.

Lenkbar is delighted to join the Intech group.

Erik Papenfuss, President & CEO, Lenkbar

The merger of Intech and Lenkbar signifies a new era of growth and innovation in Orthopedics and beyond.

By combining strengths and expertise, the new group will deliver an unparalleled suite of products and services that are redefining the standard of care for patients around the world, from design and manufacturing to cleaning, passivation & sterile packaging.

Intech and Lenkbar will be exhibiting jointly at EuroSpine & NASS next month. The team looks forward to revealing a shared vision for the future and exploring new opportunities for tomorrow.

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