On 26 May 2021 Anders Invest acquired 70% of the shares in TMS from Werkendam. The company develops and assembles custom mechanical installations for use in offshore wind, maritime and civil markets. TMS has a turnover of € 15-20 million and employs approximately 25 permanent employees. It is the 22nd investment in the Anders Invest Industry Fund.

Founded in 1994, TMS focuses on the engineering and delivery of unique custom installations that are used, for example, in the construction of offshore wind farms. Think of pile plugs and foundation installations for the French offshore wind farm at Saint-Nazaire and special cranes and manipulators for use on ships and civil works. The company’s customer base consists of established (international) players active in offshore, maritime and civil markets. TMS is involved by its customers from the concept phase in the engineering of the special and deviating solutions that are required for the ever-changing applications and increasing safety requirements. The TMS workforce consists mainly of engineers. Production of the specific parts is outsourced to partners, the final assembly takes place in-house. The company is located in the harbor of Werkendam, where it has a modern office, recently built assembly halls and quay facilities.

Anders Invest acquired its interest from the current owners of TMS, Mr Cees van Wendel de Joode and Mr Marco van Driel. They founded TMS in 1994 and since then the company has grown strongly. In mid-2020, the management was supplemented with the arrival of Mr Jan Albert Westerbeek. Jan Albert, former CEO at IHC IQIP, has a large network in the industry in which TMS is active. His experience with processes and adjacent markets are of great value for the further professionalization and expansion of TMS. The management jointly holds a 30% interest and remains associated with the company for an indefinite period of time.

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