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JMI Equity is pleased to announce it has been named to GrowthCap’s list of The Top Growth Equity Firms of 2023.

This is GrowthCap’s tenth year running this award process and they began their evaluation process by assessing a set of over 400 firms. GrowthCap compiled their annual list by evaluating each firm’s unique capabilities, sector expertise, investment judgment, demonstrated value creation, senior partner composition, talent retention, firm evolution, and firm momentum, among other attributes. This year’s list of awardees is comprised of the best growth equity firms who have instituted integrity and instilled trust as a core part of their culture when interacting with each of their stakeholders—portfolio companies, limited partners, their employees, their industry colleagues and others.

Disclaimer: GrowthCap is a leading growth capital research and advisory firm. The criteria considered for this award is determined by GrowthCap which compiles its annual list by speaking with investors and CEOs across industries, evaluating firm attributes through nomination submissions, reviewing ESG commitment, and studying investment performance to form a holistic view. The award is the subjective determination of the party conferring the award and not of JMI Equity. JMI Equity submitted a nomination to be considered for, and once selected, paid to be included on, and to promote inclusion on, this list. JMI Equity received this award in 2024. For more information about GrowthCap, please see their website at JMI is not responsible for the contents of any third-party website and has not confirmed the accuracy of any information provided therein.

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