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Investment AB Latour (publ) has, through its subsidiary Latour Future Solutions AB, signed an agreement to invest in Qoitech AB (”Qoitech”).

Qoitech offers solutions for energy optimization of products powered by batteries and various energy harvesting technologies. Sales take place on a global basis via digital channels and customers are found in around sixty countries. The business was started within Sony Mobile Communications and a spin-out of the company was carried out in 2019. Qoitech is headquartered in Lund with 9 employees.

“One of our investment areas is in the electrification of industry. Qoitech enables better battery utilization, sustainable electrified products, and shortened lead times in the development phase”, Pelle Mattisson, CEO of Latour Future Solutions AB.

“Qoitech combines hardware instruments with software-based analysis tools in a patented solution that has not been on the market before. With Latour as a long-term partner, we can continue growing both internationally and within new customer segments”, says Vanja Samuelsson, CEO of Qoitech AB and one of the company’s three founders.

The investment will be made via a directed share issue in Qoitech AB, where Latour Future Solutions AB enters as a 21,9% minority owner of the company.

Gothenburg, 19 December, 2022

Johan Hjertonsson, CEO

For further information, please contact:
Pelle Mattisson, CEO, Latour Future Solutions AB, +46 705 80 06 57
Fredrika Ekman, Investment Director, Investment AB Latour, +46 72 584 93 43

Latour Future Solutions is an investment area within Latour that targets sustainability-focused growth companies. The goal is for the investments to create a sustainable society based on all dimensions; environmental, social and economic.

Investment AB Latour is a mixed investment company consisting primarily of a wholly-owned industrial operations and an investment portfolio of listing holdings in which Latour is the principal owner or one of the principal owners. The investment portfolio consists of ten substantial holdings with a market value of about SEK 65 billion. The wholly-owned industrial operations has an annual turnover of SEK 22 billion.


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