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On 14 December 2020, the Herkules Fund IV and other shareholders of Elektroimportøren Invest AS (“Elektroimportøren”) completed a share offering in connection with a planned listing on Euronext Growth on 16 December 2020. Elektroimportøren is a dispuptive provider of electrial equiment and installations with a nationwide presence in Norway
The share offering was based on a market capitalisation of NOK 1bn and the share offering deal size was NOK 710m. The transaction will generate net proceeds of up to NOK 665m for Herkules Fund IV (“the Fund”), and the Fund will remain the largest shareholder, holding 20% of the shares after listing. NOK 60m of the Fund’s shares are sold as part of a stabilisation scheme and could potentially be returned to the Fund. If they are returned, Herkules Fund IV will hold up to 26% post listing and net proceeds will be lowered by up to NOK 60m. The stabilisation scheme expires 30 days after listing.
Herkules Fund IV’s post-listing shareholding is subject to a customary 6-month lock-up. The current investment team will represent the Fund on the board of directors and continue to work closely with the company.

Elektroimportøren is today a full-range provider of electrical equipment to professionals and consumers, with sales through both physical stores as well as online through www.elektroimportoren.no.

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