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Hengelo, December 24th 2020 – 4Value, specialist in software and valuation-technical services for the implementation of the Dutch WOZ Act by municipalities and tax partnerships, joins Exxellence Groep, majority participation of Main Capital. After the combination with in May this year and T&T Vertrouwd Verbonden in August this year, 4Value is already the third step in the buy-and-build strategy to form strategic combinations with leading companies in the (semi-)government market, in order to improve the product offering and added-value for (semi-)public customers and to provide a sustainable counterbalance to the larger players in the market.

About 4Value
4Value has been providing software and valuation-technical services for the implementation of the WOZ Act to municipalities and partnerships since 1997. 4Value is a software company and a valuation agency at once. Both disciplines are closely intertwined in daily performance practice. 4Value supplies superbly functioning software with high-quality integrations and well-performing valuation models, as well as valuation-technical services at a very high level. On behalf of 45 customers (municipalities and partnerships), the web-based valuation application 4Woz 2.0 annually values more than 2.3 million objects in 92 municipalities throughout the Netherlands. This makes 4Value the market leader in the WOZ sector. Customers of 4Value include Tax Cooperation West Brabant, Hilversum and Kennemerland South Municipal Taxes.

Collaboration 4Value – Exxellence Groep
Together, 4Value and Exxellence Groep have more than 550 customers and 220 employees and serve most of the Dutch municipalities and (semi-)public organizations throughout the Netherlands. With the strategic combination with 4Value, Exxellence Groep and Main Capital are taking a big step in expanding the product portfolio and in doing so optimize the added value for customers. After laying a solid foundation with (in May) and the step in the integration layer with T&T Vertrouwd Verbonden (August), the combination with 4Value is a very strategic third step into the government tax software domain. Supported by Main Capital, the combined company will continue to explore further strategic combinations with software product providers in the government market. The group’s ambition is to grow into a leading provider of software solutions and related services within the (semi-)government market in order to expand the product range and added value towards customers and to provide a sustainable alternative to the larger players in the market. Main elaborates on the experience gained in this market with former portfolio company Roxit. The organizations will strengthen each other on a functional level whereby outstanding service provision for the customer is the starting point.

Marcel Dillissen (Managing Director 4Value) “Due to the strategic combination of 4Value and Exxellence Groep, we see even more possibilities to serve customers with smart software solutions to make connections between governments and residents, but also to expand the product portfolio in the field of the WOZ Act. 4Value has applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine the WOZ values. We expect that these techniques can be applied much more widely in the software products within the strategic combination.”

Michel Veenhuis (CEO Exxellence Groep): “With 4Value, we are strengthening our existing (SMQ) position within the Tax domain. This strategic expansion of our Exxellence ‘Zaken’ and ‘Connect’ Ecosystem offers many opportunities to respond optimally to the market needs to renew the current application landscape around the WOZ. With 4Value, the Exxellence Groep has become a leading player for basic registration software and services.”

Charly Zwemstra (Managing Partner Main Capital): “Main has a strategic focus and has entered into a long-term partnership with Exxellence Groep to support the company in its next phase of growth. After the combination with in May this year, and T&T Vertrouwd Verbonden in August this year, this is another important step towards a leading position in the (semi-)public market, by means of a strong product and service range aimed at strategically supporting organizations within the public domain. ”

About Exxellence Groep
Exxellence Groep consists of Exxellence Zaken (case management software from Exxellence &, Exxellence services (SMQ) and Exxellence Connect (T&T Vertrouwd Verbonden) and is located in Hengelo, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Exxellence Groep has ca. 170 employees and serves more than 500 customers throughout the Netherlands, varying from municipalities and regional water authorities to housing corporations and care institutions. Examples of customers are the municipality of Utrecht, the municipality of Alkmaar, the Municipal Tax Office of Twente, the environment service Utrecht region and the country of Curaçao.

Exxellence Groep has a clear focus on municipalities and other (semi-)public bodies such as insurance companies and pension funds. Through its case management systems, self-service CRM and its integrations with the prominent basis registers, Exxellence Groep enables its customers to make connections between governments and residents, systems and processes, with the use of experts and smart tools.

In addition to software solutions, the Exxellence Groep carries out projects and services in the field of WOZ, BAG and BRP through consultancy, secondment and process outsourcing. The products and services of the Exxellence Groep optimally support governments in the DSO transition.

About Main Capital Partners
Main Capital is a strategic investor with an exclusive focus on the software sector in the Benelux, DACH and Nordics. Main has a long term horizon around successful partnerships with management teams, with the aim of building larger software groups together. Main has approximately € 1 billion in assets under management for investments in mature and growing software companies. Within the software sector, Main is the most specialized faction in management buyouts and later-stage growth capital for acquisitions. An experienced team of professionals manages these strategic investment funds from offices in The Hague, Düsseldorf and Stockholm.

Main Capital’s current portfolio includes fast-growing software and SaaS software companies such as Perbility (HR software), Pointsharp (Identity & Access Management), Textkernel (HR & AI software), MACH AG (E-Government software), WoodWing (marketing automation), Alfa (healthcare), Exxellence Groep (government software), Optimizers (supply chain software), Assessio (SWE, HR & Talent management), GBtec (Germ, process automation/workflow management)/GRC), Onventis (Germ, procurement & invoice management), HYPE Innovation (Germ, innovatie management / collaboration), Cleversoft (Germ, GRC for financial services), Enovation (Healthcare), SDB Groep (healthcare), Jobrouter (Germ,Process automation), GOconnectIT (GEO ICT), Inergy (data driven governmental solutions), MUIS Software (financial administrative), Artegic (Germ, marketing automation), OBI4wan (customer engagement & Chatbot platform), b+m Informatik (Germ, financial services), ChainPoint (sustainable supply chain tracking) en RVC (Healthcare). Succesvol uitgebouwde voormalige portefeuillebedrijven zijn onder meer Roxit (gemeentesoftware), Axxerion (facility management software), Ymor (APM software) en Onguard (creditmanagement). The combined turnover of the Main software companies sums up to approximately € 400 million and growing by double digits annually.

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