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Medifox, a leading provider of software solutions to outpatient, inpatient care providers and therapy practices in Germany, has announced the merger with DAN Produkte (“DAN”), a leading German care software provider with a strong presence in inpatient care.

Transaction brings together two leaders of software innovation for the care industry, further strengthening solutions for outpatient and inpatient care providers across Germany

Together, MediFox and DAN have a 55-year history of setting new standards in product innovation and customer service across the care sector. The merger will bring together deep software and industry expertise from both businesses, leading to a number of advantages for customers, employees and other stakeholders: including faster responsiveness to regulatory changes, higher service availability and quality and increased capacity for product innovation. The two companies will form MediFox DAN-Group and will continue to invest in all existing product lines, as well as jointly develop new functionality and improvements. The group will continue to consider further acquisitions.

Hg, the specialist private equity investor focused on software and service businesses, announced its investment in MediFox in 2018 and, today, Hg has invested over $1 billion globally in the healthcare technology sector.

For more information, as well as comments from the MediFox and DAN management teams, please find the full announcement here.

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