Breda, March 2022

In January 2022 the Clinias Dental Group B.V. (CDG) was established by a
consortium of partners including Bencis.

CDG is a vertically integrated dental chain with the core of its activities based in the
Netherlands and headquartered in Breda (NL). The group has the ambition to
become an international best-in-class provider of dental care across the value chain.

Dental care will be provided to the patients of the group through large scale dental
clinics meeting the highest quality standards and through mobile dental clinics to
patients with no or limited ability to visit our clinics. The (mobile) clinics and their staff
will have access to a broad range of products and services provided from within the
group including but not limited to dental implants, dental laboratory technicians,
micro-biological tests and recruitment and staffing services.

The Netherlands has been one of the leading countries in dental for a long time.
However, the industry in the Netherlands is increasingly facing a shortage of young
talent graduating from university. To make a meaningful impact on the access to and
continuity of high-quality dental care in the Netherlands CDG has established an
international recruitment and education platform to help talent from a variety of
countries to obtain employment in the Dutch dental market.

CDG sees the opportunity to expand its business, besides the organic growth of its
existing organisation, through the acquisition of dental clinics or related businesses
with the current focus on the Netherlands and parts of Germany. The investment of
the current shareholders of the company will help CDG to build the scale required to
further improve quality of care and to safeguard continuation thereof.

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