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On 20 December 2017, Boels Rental acquired NPM Capital’s Abird stock. Abird is starting a new growth phase as a specialized division under the wings of the larger rental company.

NPM Capital came on board in 2007 and, as major shareholder, has guided Abird’s professionalization and expansion to national coverage. In the past ten years, Abird has made four acquisitions in order to strengthen its position. According to Director Michel Hogervorst, the company is now ready for the next growth phase, in which it also wants to expand into surrounding European countries.

High quality services
Abird is specialized in the rental, sale and maintenance of industrial tools, welding equipment, lifting and hoisting equipment and air-, light- and power supply. It supplies products and services to a wide range of customers in the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding and heavy contracting. The service is focused on continuity of production for its clients and ensuring safety and quality and is therefore available round the clock. Abird develops bespoke solutions, and in addition to supplying equipment it also offers consumables and accessories and, if desired, it can provide in-house IT solutions.

The specialized nature of these activities are complementary to those of Boels Rental. With 400 branches, Boels is active throughout Europe in the rental of machines and tools. It has a number of specialized units and branches, which do not cover the area that Abird operates in. Abird will operate as an independent division of Boels Rental, under the supervision of Director Michel Hogervorst. The takeover has no consequences for employment, which is expected to grow further as a result of Abird’s planned expansion.

Managing Director of NPM Capital, Rutger Ruigrok reflects with satisfaction on Abird’s development over the past decade. “We have been involved in an impressive process of professionalization, which has seen Abird, through further specialization and broadening of its range of service, significantly strengthen its distinctive position in the market and expand on a national scale. A much larger generalist like Boels recognizes the potential of this position and can help Abird strike out into Europe.”

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