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Investor AB intends to offer chairpersons in companies within Investor’s Listed Core Investments the possibility to invest in call options with a duration of five years. In some cases, Investor has initiated discussions with other large owners whether they also want to enter into an option agreement with the respective chairperson.

The offer is voluntary, implies an exercise price of 110 percent of the share price and the participants can invest two to five million SEK. The options are priced at market terms and an independent third party valuation will be conducted.

Investor’s President and CEO Johan Forssell comments:

”The chairperson has a particularly important role in driving a successful board work. As a long-term and engaged owner, it is our ambition to create further incentives for the boards to act and take decisions that long-term are best for the companies and thus, their shareholders. We believe in personal financial commitment and hence want members of the boards to build up an ownership that corresponds to one year’s gross board fee over a five year period. The offer to invest in options will not replace this ambition.”

The intention is to make the offer to the chairpersons during the first quarter 2019. The offer will not include listed companies that are chaired by Jacob Wallenberg or Marcus Wallenberg. Investor will communicate which chairpersons that have decided to accept the offer and at what terms.

For further information:

Viveka Hirdman-Ryrberg, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability: +46 70 550 3500

Magnus Dalhammar, Head of Investor Relations: +46 735 24 2130

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