Today we’re announcing our Series A in Decagon, an AI company powering a new generation of customer operations.

The promise of customer experience automation has been just around the corner for years. We’ve seen the industry go through many transitions from branching scripts to chat widgets, and yet it continues to be a human-in-the-loop process rife with mistakes, latency, and overall poor NPS. Mix together the broadening, global customer base that companies like Rippling, Vanta, and Eventbrite (all current Decagon customers) serve today with each company’s own expanding portfolios of products, and one can appreciate the compounding problem of delivering customer services like support, success, sales, and onboarding. It’s not getting easier.

Decagon flips the problem on its head with an AI-native solution that mirrors human capabilities and accelerates every layer of the customer operations stack. Decagon’s agents don’t just respond to customer inquiries, they proactively analyze conversations to understand insights, file bug reports, synthesize feature gaps, and even take actions on behalf of customers. In turn, engineers get the right bug reports, UX sees real-time visibility issues — and most importantly, customer issues are resolved in a fraction of the time and cost.

We’ve known Jesse and Ashwin for many years, and have seen first hand the intensity and intuition they apply to even the most unique product and company building problems. As second-time founders of both consumer and enterprise startups, they deeply understand what it means to be customer-obsessed. That’s critical, because we’re in an era of software where computer science fundamentals matter again, but founders must stay grounded in real customer problems. The winners won’t just be the ones with the biggest billboards — the winners will blend these new technical forces with deep customer understanding.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Decagon to redefine how companies engage with their customers. We’re hiring high-agency, passionate teammates now. Come join us!

– Ivan Zhou

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