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Amsterdam, Munich,  April 9, 2024 – In a strategic move to transform the landscape of digital experiences, Purple Digital Storytelling (‘Purple’) announces the acquisition of the Munich based agency PLANWORX, thereby initiating The Storytelling Group. This acquisition marks a turning point in the digital storytelling space, offering an expanded portfolio of services that range from the creation of permanent installations to dynamic event-based storytelling.

The Digital Storytelling Universe
Purple, known for designing and delivering world class experience centers powered by their digital storytelling software ‘Hyro’, and PLANWORX, celebrated for their cutting-edge event experiences will jointly deliver unparalleled digital and live experiences, catering to a wide range of global brands and audiences.

The acquisition aims to benefit from the collective expertise of both companies while maintaining their unique identities and strengths. Purple’s design and technological abilities and PLANWORX’s dynamic approach to live marketing and events are expected to create synergistic outcomes, driving innovation, and expanding the industry of digital storytelling.

Joost Rueck, CEO of Purple and Chairman of the Storytelling Group, expressed enthusiasm about the new direction, “This acquisition is a game changer for us. Looking at this from a market perspective, it allows us to serve our customers better because of our increased reach and offerings. It’s a stepping stone to being a global player in digital brand experience solutions.”

Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, founder of PLANWORX: “Joining forces will allow us to establish a full-spectrum storytelling powerhouse capable of addressing every aspect of digital brand experiences from concept to execution. Using the latest technology we bring these narratives to life – in physical spaces, live events or online.”

Ewout Prins, Managing Partner Holland Capital, “The acquisition of PLANWORX is a significant step for Purple in becoming a true global player in digital and immersive experiences. We are happy that we have been able to support this cross-border transaction from our offices in The Netherlands and Germany. We look forward to supporting the team in their growth ambitions and will continue to keep an eye on the market for additional strategic acquisitions”.

Clients of Purple and PLANWORX can look forward to increased capacity, creativity, and services, enhanced by the shared knowledge, technology, and creative drive of both teams. This collaboration is expected to set new benchmarks in the industry, establishing The Storytelling Group’s commitment to be at the forefront of digital storytelling innovation.

About Purple Digital Storytelling

Founded in 2011, Purple Digital Storytelling, based in the Netherlands, specializes in capturing audience’s attention through innovative digital narratives and immersive experiences. Leveraging their Hyro storytelling software, they offer a full suite of services from strategy and design to content production, tailoring each project to its unique client’s and their specific needs. https://www.purplestorytelling.com/


PLANWORX, founded in 1987, is a digital creative agency celebrated for their cutting-edge event experiences. By using the latest technology, they bring these narratives to life – in physical spaces, at live events or online. PLANWORX sees itself as an enabler, digital pioneer, and creative catalyst for global corporations as well as medium-sized companies, bridging the communication gap between businesses, employees, and end customers. With a team of 50 people, PLANWORX operates from Munich. https://planworx.de/en/

About The Storytelling Group

The Storytelling Group is home to Purple Digital Storytelling and PLANWORX. With a focus on creating engaging narratives through digital experiences in physical spaces, The Storytelling Group is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of storytelling, serving a roster of renowned global brands, and setting new industry standards. https://thestorytellinggroup.com/

About Holland Capital

Holland Capital has been responsibly and successfully investing in promising Dutch and German SMEs with growth ambitions for over 40 years. The team understands entrepreneurship and fosters an open, sustainable, and professional relationship with the management teams of the invested companies, aiming for mutual growth. With offices in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf, Holland Capital focuses on Healthcare, Technology, and the recently added Agrifood-Tech sector. The firm actively supports Purple Digital Storytelling in both operational and strategic development since becoming a shareholder in December 2020.

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