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With the launch of Interstellar Interstellar on 1 February 2021, the Netherlands can boast a new IT group. Interstellar is a joining of forces of six autonomous IT companies, each with its own quality, specialisation and identity. The basis for this participation by Quadrum Investment Fund III was laid by Quadrum Capital in 2017 with its participation in cloud expert Fundaments.

Managing Partner at Quadrum Capital, Arjan Hoop: “Since then, we have developed a strong portfolio in the IT domain. The launch of this new group is a fantastic crowning achievement. With its combination of generalists and specialists, the group has everything it needs to support customers on their digital journey at the very highest level. The independence of the companies within the group also guarantees a strong entrepreneurial DNA. In combination with their new combined strength, the Interstellar companies are able to successfully realise their ambition to grow into the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands.”

Read the press release regarding the launch of Interstellar below.


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