Ratos companies Vestia Construction Group (which is part of SSEA Group) and HENT AS are building, together with Vasakronan, Kaj 16 – a new landmark in Gothenburg. The construction cost for Kaj 16 is expected to amount to approximately SEK 1.6 billion, of which a significant part has been allocated to Vestia and HENT.

Kaj 16 was designed by the Danish architectural firm Dorte Mandrup and, at 78 meters, will be Gothenburg’s tallest wooden building. The project will be carried out in partnering and the objective is to minimize climate and environmental impact and to achieve certification according to LEED Platinum.

“This is a fantastically fun and developing project for both Vestia and HENT. Kaj 16 will be a project at the forefront of many current issues, including wooden construction, circularity, and digitization. We are now in the starting pits for projecting system action and continued calculation work. When the ground contract is complete, we will start the construction, according to the plan, it will be in the fall of 2024. Kaj 16 is planned to be completed in the summer of 2027,” says Christian Wieland, CEO of SSEA Group and board member of HENT AS.

“We are proud to have been trusted to build another landmark, also in partnering, which is something Vestia is really recognized as knowledgeable and at the forefront of. To also be able to do it together with HENT AS, and to realize the fine synergies that exist in the Ratos Group, is a big bonus. We have won the contract in tough competition with tough conditions in the operational environment ​​as a backdrop, which is really a quality stamp for the company, says Christian Johansson Gebauer, chairman of SSEA Group and HENT AS, and President, Business Area Construction & Services, Ratos.

About Vestia Construction Group
Vestia is active in the Gothenburg region with, among other things, the newly opened Åbybadet, the SEEL research center and the unique combination school + nursing home in Sandarna in the project portfolio.

About Hent AS
HENT AS has been the general contractor for many complex wooden house buildings, for example the world’s tallest wooden building Mjøstårnet (85.4 m), located approx. 120 km outside Oslo, and the Nordic region’s largest wooden house, Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå.

For more information, please contact
Christian Wieland, CEO SSEA Group, +46 70 654 09 30
Josefine Uppling, VP Communication, Ratos, +46 76 114 54 21

About Ratos
Ratos is a business group consisting of 16 companies divided into three business areas: Construction & Services, Consumer and Industry. The companies have approximately SEK 30 billion in net sales (LTM). Our business concept is to own and develop companies that are or can become market leaders. We have a distinct corporate culture and strategy – everything we do is based on our core values: Simplicity, Speed in execution and It’s All About People. We enable independent companies to excel by being part of something larger. People, leadership, culture and values are key focus areas.

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