Straco acquires a majority shareholding in LPC next to the founders and management. Labour Power Company (LPC) is a fast-growing group in the Netherlands active in staffing international flex workers and is specialised in amongst others the food, logistics, e-commerce and technical industries. Straco, a Belgian family investment firm focused on the long term, has a proven track record in the staffing sector and fully subscribes to the ambitious buy & build strategy of LPC. The investment by Straco will enable LPC to accelerate the realization of its ambitious growth plan.


LPC, consisting of seven independent staffing labels, is active in amongst others the aforementioned industries and realizes annual revenues of approximately 300 million euros. Over 10,000 people are employed on a daily basis via one of LPC’s labels. Each company within LPC has a very dedicated team to deliver, day in and day out, the best result possible for its customers and its flex workers, whereby fun at work and good employership are top of mind. With Straco on board, LPC is set to realize its growth ambitions through further acquisitions in the staffing sector. LPC is specifically looking for staffing companies that are complementary, deliver quality and take the utmost care of its flex workers.


In the vision of LPC, flexible labour has become essential as a result of further internationalisation, aging, increased mobility and an increased average educational attainment. As a consequence of these macro trends, a structural labour shortage exists and the flexible layer forms an integral part of the Dutch labour market. LPC anticipates to this by offering all specializations to optimally service its clients. HR advice, own recruitment (domestically and abroad), brokage function, in-house constructions and career development of employees, including people at a distance to the labour market, are some of the activities that LPC offers its clients.


Cor Konings, CEO of LPC: “LPC has grown incredibly fast and I am proud of all people within LPC that have made this possible. I am looking forward to the future of LPC with Straco and the continuation of our relations with existing shareholders and stakeholders. Our investors understand the sector, our company and fully support our strategy to grow LPC as a high-quality player towards revenues of more than 500 million euros.”


Maarten Peers, Managing Director of Straco Private Equity: “We are very much impressed by the recent successes of LPC and the way they prove, again and again, to prioritize the interests of both flex workers and clients. Although some of Straco’s existing portfolio companies are already active in the Netherlands, LPC marks our first investment that is fully oriented on the Netherlands. With our new team in Amsterdam, led by Emile van Elen, the promising partnership with LPC marks an important milestone for us.”


Further transaction details are not disclosed.

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