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Zurich, May 10, 2017

The opening of the CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland investment group has attracted a great deal of interest from investors. Thanks to capital commitments amounting to CHF 600 mn, the total volume adds up to around CHF 1.2 bn.

After opening subscriptions for the third time, CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland, an investment group of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation, reached its planned subscription volume of CHF 600 mn. The investment group, which was established in 2014 by the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation and is managed by the investment manager Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners, was opened to both new and existin investors in recent months. As a result, the total volume now amounts to around CHF1.2 bn. This makes CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland the largest infrastructure investment group investing exclusively in Switzerland. The capital committed is largely invested in the two main areas of energy and gas distribution as well as hydropower.

Following the latest opening, over 130 Swiss pension funds now invest in the investment group. The success of the investment concept is underlined by the fact that the target volume was heavily oversubscribed. Credit Suisse expects there to be further openings in the future.

The CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland investment group has an unlimited duration, which is ideal given the long-term investment period required for energy infrastructure installations. Investments focus on supply-critical energy infrastructure facilities. The investment group invests exclusively in Switzerland, witht least 75% of the portfolio being invested in existing facilities. Investments in new project developments account for no more than 25% of the investment portfolio.

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Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners AG

Credit Suisse Energy Infrastructure Partners AG is an investment boutique within Credit Suisse AG’s Asset Management, and acts as the investment manager for the CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland investment group, among others. It specializes in infrastructure investments in the European energy sector. Its clients include primarily large and medium-sized pension funds and insurance companies seeking long-term investments in this asset class.


CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland is an investment group of the Credit Suisse Investment Foundation (CSA), and invests in Swiss energy infrastructure. The focus is on investments in the capital-intensive area of existing Swiss energy infrastructure. Furthermore, it is

involved in new-build projects that have received the necessary permissions. CSA Energy Infrastructure Switzerland invests primarily in non-listed equity holdings. The investment group is only open to pension funds domiciled in Switzerland.

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