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Copenhagen, Denmark, November 7th 2023 — Sunstone Life Science Ventures (Sunstone), a leading
Nordic venture capital firm, is excited to announce its participation in a EUR 57 million Series A
funding round for Kynexis B.V., a pioneering biotech company dedicated to advancing treatments for
cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia. Jacob Lange Moresco, Investment Director with
Sunstone, will be joining Kynexis’ board of directors as part of this investment.

This significant funding round was led by European investor Forbion alongside Ysios Capital and
Sunstone. The financing will support Kynexis’ innovative approach, which combines cutting-edge
patient selection methods with a deep understanding of the genetic links underlying their lead
molecule’s mechanism of action. The unique combination of strategies holds the promise of not only
improving the effectiveness of treatment but also personalizing it to individual patients, a crucial
advancement in the field of mental health therapeutics.

The lead program, KYN-5356, is designed to regulate kynurenic acid levels in the brain and in turn
address the cognitive impairment often associated with schizophrenia, a debilitating condition that
affects millions of individuals worldwide. Cognitive impairment can significantly hinder the quality of
life for those living with schizophrenia, making this research a critical area of focus for the medical

Kynexis’ leadership team holds extensive experience in psychiatry, neurology and drug discovery and
includes CEO Kees Been, CMO Jens Wendland as well as Executive Chair Peter Høngaard Andersen.
Jacob Lange Moresco expressed his enthusiasm about this investment and his role on Kynexis’
board, stating, “We believe that Kynexis’ approach to addressing cognitive impairment associated
with schizophrenia has the potential to transform the lives of countless individuals and their families.
We are thrilled to support this world-class team and their important work towards better
therapeutic options for individuals living with mental illness.”

About Kynexis
Kynexis is advancing precision therapeutics for brain diseases by taking a biomarker-based approach
to advance a potential first-in-class treatment for cognitive impairment associated with
schizophrenia (CIAS). By harnessing large data to identify and stratify patients based on the
underlying causal human biology of the disease, Kynexis is targeting KAT-II, a key enzyme in the
kynurenine pathway. The company’s lead candidate, KYN-5356, is a first-in-class small molecule that
is potent and highly selective for KAT-II. The Company also has a subsidiary in the United States and
a Massachusetts office in Cambridge. (Kynexis Therapeutics Inc.).

About Sunstone Life Science Ventures
Sunstone Life Science Ventures is an independent European venture capital investment firm
founded in 2007 by an international team of industry experts with combined entrepreneurial,
operational and financial experience. Managing total funds of €500 million, Sunstone focuses on
developing and expanding early-stage Life Science companies with strong potential to achieve global
success in their markets. Since inception, Sunstone has invested in more than 60 companies, and has
completed more than 25 successful IPOs and large M&A transactions.
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