LocalTapiola and Tesi have reached an agreement on a significant investment in Viria, a company that offers solutions in digital and physical security. As part of the arrangement, LocalTapiola and Tesi will buy 575,000 shares of Viria Plc’s subsidiary Vemetra Holding Oy at the price of EUR 20 per share. The total purchase price is EUR 11.5 million.

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Following the transaction, LocalTapiola will become the largest external owner of Viria with its 300,000 shares, and Tesi the second largest with its 275,000 shares. Their combined shareholding of the company will be approximately 10%. Viria Group will retain ownership of 393,700 shares, accounting for 7.3% of the total shares.

Viria is an ICT and security service company that combines cyber security, security technology solutions and advanced analytics in its business in a unique way. Previously operating under the name of Anvia, the company sold its telecommunications business to Elisa in 2016 and began building a new overall structure based on security and network technology as well as data management.

“Viria’s goal is to renew the security industry as a pioneer of the field. The funds we got from this transaction will support the implementation of our strategy, as our goal is to grow our business both organically and through strategic corporate acquisitions. Selling our shares is also an important step in developing Viria’s ownership structure to become more diversified,” says Mika Vihervuori, CEO of Viria

“Viria’s business is a combination of interesting operations that support one another; analytics, network security and physical security. We believe that these will grow notably as we go on. As a life security company, this kind of business is close to us, and we believe that these services will be offered to businesses and private persons even more in the future,” says Pasi Haarala, CEO of LocalTapiola Pohjanmaa.

“The company has a strong leadership that works together for a common goal and has proved its ability to carry out corporate acquisitions and business integration processes. In addition to growing in Finland, the company aims to grow internationally and apply for a stock exchange listing,” says Jussi Hattula, Director at Tesi.

More information

Mika Vihervuori, CEO, Viria tel. 040 720 2140
Pasi Haarala, CEO of LähiTapiola Pohjanmaa, tel. 0400 958 835
Jussi Hattula, Director, Tesi, tel. 040 066 9955

Viria has strong expertise in physical and cyber security, information management and TV services. The Viria Group consists of the parent company Viria Plc and its subsidiaries Viria Securi Ltd, Viria LAN&WAN Ltd, Hibox Systems Oy Ab, Tansec Oy and AB Sappa. All the companies are experiencing good growth, and many are among the largest operators in their markets. www.viria.fi

The mission of the LocalTapiola Group is to secure our customers life and success. Our vision is to provide a more secure and healthy life for Finns. Lifelong security means that our customers receive comprehensive and pre-emptive service. LocalTapiola is a financial group owned by its customers, which services private customers, farms, entrepreneurs, companies and organisations. LocalTapiolas products and services cover life, non-life and pension insurance, as well as placements and savings. LocalTapiola is also an expert in company risk management and well-being in the workplace. www.lahitapiola.fi

Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) is a venture capital and private equity company that accelerates companies’ success stories by investing in them directly and via funds. Tesi always invests together with other investors, providing them with access to high quality deal-flow in Finland. Our investments under management total 1 billion euros and we have altogether 723 companies in portfolio. www.tesi.fi/en | @TesiFII

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