September 8, 2021

The Deep Tech landscape of today offers a lot of investment opportunities and Industrifonden’s strength is to spot and research the best innovations. Therefor we’re very proud to announce that we have led a EUR 2.5 million seed round in ZeroPoint Technologies to finance the company into 2021 and beyond. ZeroPoint Technologies provides the world’s only available real-time Memory Compression IP block for System on Chips (SoCs), effectively doubling a computer’s main memory capacity and memory bandwidth; providing significantly more performance per watt. The new capital will be used to grow and expand the company’s international presence and take several products to market.

The most challenging bottlenecks in computing typically stem from memory capacity and bandwidth. ZeroPoint Technologies’ Ziptilion™ overcomes these bottlenecks: it is the world’s first general-purpose memory compression technology for high performance SoC processor subsystems, such as servers, smart mobiles, and embedded systems. Ziptilion’s™ hardware IP block compresses main memory in real-time by a factor oftwo to four. The solutiondoubles memory capacity and memory bandwidth, resulting in significantly faster systems, more performance per watt, and lower energy use.

“The impact of ZeroPoint Technologies’ product is extremely interesting as it deals with critical bottlenecks in memory capacity and bandwidth. The research that the company builds on comes from Chalmers University. This research, together with the existing owners, Chalmers Invest and a prominent Family Office, signals the promise of this investment opportunity”, says Anna Ljungdahl, Investment Director and Head of Sustainability at Industrifonden.

This investment will support ZeroPoint as they grow their customer base in North America and Asia Pacific, and their development of new innovative products. The company is also set to expand its engineering team in Sweden.

“ZeroPoint Technologies’ ambition is to become the de facto standard for main memory compression in high performance SoC processor subsystems, and this funding gives us muscles to make it happen. Memory bottlenecks are a tremendous challenge for SoC developers, and we mitigate this challenge by doubling main memory capacity and memory bandwidth. Systems with memory compression are environmentally friendly and financially effective. We reduce hardware waste, reduce power consumption, and reduce operating expenses. In short: We deliver more performance per watt”, says ZeroPoint Technologies CEO Klas Moreau.

ZeroPoint Technologies’ IP block is easy to integrate with existing industry standard on-chip-bus-protocols. The IP-block is placed on the memory access path and is invisible to the operating system and applications. Thanks to the ultra-tuned compression/decompression accelerators and that data is compressed when fetched from memory, the memory access latency is often shorter with Ziptilion™ than without.

ZeroPoint Technologies is a spinout from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has over the years developed an impressive IP Portfolio in the memory compression domain. Their patented compression technology is based on 15 years of research. Today the company works with industry leaders on product implementation projects and technical evaluations.

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Welcome to the family ZeroPoint Technologies!

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