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As of February 1, 2023, Andre de Koning has joined Quadrum Capital as CFRO. This new role within Quadrum in the area of Finance & Risk management reflects the successful growth of organization in recent years.


André de Koning

André gained extensive experience in the financial sector and various other segments as an accountant at KPMG. In addition, he has held several CFO positions during his career.

In the past 10 years André was responsible for Finance & Risk management at an investment management company in the role of CFO and board member. The addition of André’s valuable knowledge and experience within the financial sector provides a solid base for the next steps of growth in which Quadrum is developing.

André enjoys working with driven professionals and gets energy from realizing ambitious goals. He values workable and appropriate solutions within the entrepreneurial organization.

Working on further growth and expanding the organization in line with Quadrum’s ambitions and DNA are the reasons for André to make this step.

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