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Almi Invest invests SEK 2.5 million in Referanza, which is developing a tool to help companies identify their most satisfied customers to the next step to use them in their marketing by making them microinfluencers in social media.

In the issue, totaling over 6 million will also participate including Kichi Invest, the game company Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester is the majority shareholder, and Bo Mattsson, the serial entrepreneur who founded the company Cint, Mangold Fondkommission, EuroTrader and Nettrader.

Referanza has developed a tool which helps the company to get their satisfied customers to easily recommend their positive experiences and products they like to their friends in social media. The companies will then have the real, personal, credible trial and will thus away from the problems that Trustpilot and recommendation sites have false positive reviews. And while driving it on sale. Verified Customer Rating is magical content and gold worth of business because consumers tend to rely more on their friends’ recommendations than on traditional advertising.

There are a variety of solutions that are reminiscent of the Referanza make such referral marketing solutions that focus on satisfied customers to tell their friends about a product or service in social media, and digital survey solutions (NPS) where customer feedback is collected to find out what customers thought. But no one takes a structured approach to be on the positive customer experiences that people spread in social media. USP of Referanza lies in the self-service tools that they developed Referanzas where customers can see the entire flow, for example, through which social channels to their customers and their friends spread their positive reviews, which customers are most likely to share how great social influence of different customers, the friends that click like, which customers recommend and what they recommend (and thus is a new lead)

Every year several billion customer experiences. Referanzas product will be used in an endless variety of verticals which was making the market very large. It has initially chosen to focus on clients in the entertainment, such as cinema, theater, stand-up and sports.

We see a strong increase in the use of our platform, primarily from companies in the ticketing and entertainment industry, where hundreds of thousands of consumers already passed our mobile Flow, says Joakim Turesson, chief executive and co-founder of Referanza.Vi has a very high response rate and high viral spread is partly because that our tools are very easy to use, and we ask our customers in real time, ie immediately after the customer has the experience and the most full of it.

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