Milan, September 29 2016 – RGI a leading provider of software products and technology services to the insurance industry, and a portfolio company of Ardian, today announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in Kapia Solutions SAS, a French competitor which focuses specifically on life insurance.

Kapia Solutions is a leading technology vendor in France in the life insurance industry, as wel as in pension and wealth management, with offices in Paris, Lille and Luxemburg. Know for its unique agility and flexibility, Kapia Solution has built a strong reputation among French insurers. Its expertise has helped it establish succesful partnerships across the industry.

Founded in 1987, RGI specializes in software products for insurance compamies. It offers a range of services aimed at managing products, processes and insurance networks, as well as in activity customization, application maintenance and customer assistance. RGI has a leading position in EMEA region, working with some of the most prominent insurance companies, both in Italy and across Europe. Ardian having acquired a 72% stake in RGI in May 2014, will continue to support RGI’s global growth plans through it’s global network and dedicated team. In 2015 RGI registered more than 55 million euro’s revenues.

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