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On 19 March, CVC hosted a Digital Spotlight at London’s Science Museum for portfolio companies, as well as tech partners. The purpose of the event was to provide portfolio companies with inspiration and practical support to capitalise on AI opportunities while enhancing cyber security.

Over 200 executives joined us, representing 60 CVC companies with a keynote session, interactive workshops and networking focusing on:

  • Cyber security
  • Opportunities from AI

A number of portfolio companies, including STARK, Unily and twoday shared practical examples illustrating how they are using AI to improve customer engagement, operational efficiency and enhancing products and services. CVC’s tech partners delved into approaches to prevent organisations from hacking and how to respond to cyber incidents.

CVC Spotlight events are a chance for our portfolio companies around the world to hear from experts, as well as providing a forum to share their experiences and best practice with fellow professionals from across the CVC Network.

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