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Mentha is selling its majority stake in paraDIGMA group to Castik Capital. paraDIGMA group, active in the field of employee health & wellbeing, has grown considerably in recent years in collaboration with Mentha, founder Rudo Vissers and the wider management team. Now the group will be owned by Castik Capital and will take the next step in the strategy and growth plan, under the leadership of the current management.

Through various companies, paraDIGMA group focuses on sustainable employability within organisations, by offering curative and preventive services aimed at the health, well-being, and job satisfaction of employees. The largest division of the group, De Arbodienst, adopts a progressive approach aiming towards prevention. The focus is on creating a healthy organizational culture and working on personal leadership with the objective to actively reduce absenteeism. In addition, it offers related services such as vitality policy, reintegration issues, psychological or physical guidance and training and development. All with the common goal: improved health, more job satisfaction and enthusiasm and less absenteeism in the Dutch working population.

The collaboration with Mentha started in 2020 and resulted in a professionalization and growth surge for the organization. The number of employees has quadrupled, and national coverage has been achieved through an office network with nine locations spread across the Netherlands. In addition to strong growth through expansion of the organization and attracting new customers, various acquisitions have expanded the service offering of the paraDIGMA group. Now is the time to look ahead to the next phase, including exploring opportunities abroad.

Barend Rutten of Mentha comments: “It was a great pleasure to work together with Rudo Vissers, Peter Kruissen, the wider management team and all the talented employees. We have worked extremely hard over the past four years to build the organization into what it is today: a sizable, unique player in the Netherlands. We now confidently transfer the organization to Castik Capital, the right partner for paraDIGMA group. We wish Castik and paraDIGMA group all the best for the future.”

Peter Kruissen, CEO paraDIGMA group adds: “Together with Mentha, we have grown rapidly in the past few years and taken significant steps in professionalisation. Now it is time for the next phasestep. I am confident that we will achieve this together with Castik Capital.”

The sale is subject to approval from the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) and the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

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