Intech Announces Strategic Alliance with Montagu

New partnership with Montagu to expand Intech services, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market.

Intech, the market leader in contract manufacturing of orthopedic medical devices, today announces the closing with Montagu, a private equity firm specializing in partnering with businesses that make the world work. This new partnership will further enhance the momentum that Intech has generated in the past decade, to reinforce their position as a world leader in orthopedics.


Orthopedic contract manufacturing organizations across the globe are currently facing supply chain challenges, capacity constraints, and operational efficiency. The combination of Montagu’s extensive experience in the healthcare and technology space, with Intech’s unmatched expertise at manufacturing medical devices aims to alleviate these challenges by expanding capacity, optimizing workflows, and pursuing strategic growth opportunities.


The new partnership was finalized after negotiations between Eurazeo PME and Montagu management. The Montagu team is excited to partner with Intech to achieve its mission of solving the most complex engineering challenges in the orthopedics industry, while positively impacting lives.


For more than 20 years Intech has been leading the way in the manufacturing of orthopedic instruments and implants, cases and trays, and silicone handles. With unique manufacturing capabilities and a strong international presence, Intech is determined to reach new heights in the industry, offering customers increased agility and responsiveness, all whilst maintaining its best-in-class customer experience. As such, with Montagu’s support, Intech is poised to push the boundaries of orthopedics and elevate the quality of medical devices and services offered to its clients.


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