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Amsterdam, 22 MAY 2023 – Investment fund Berk Partners on 17 May 2023 acquired a substantial stake in Gendringen-based company Rolflex Nederland B.V. Rolflex is the inventor of the compact, folding commercial door. This unique industrial door without ceiling tracks fits everywhere – even where other sectional doors do not – is low-maintenance, high-quality, durable and aesthetically very representative. The unique industrial door is developed and produced entirely in the Netherlands. Worldwide installation and maintenance are facilitated with an extensive dealer network.

Rolflex supplies the Compact door in various colours and finishes. The door can be further extended with (semi)transparent panels, a wicket door, remote control and more


Rolflex is the manufacturer and supplier of specialist, high-end commercial doors. Development and production is done in-house. Rolflex is fully dedicated to the Compact door. This is a folding door based on multiple customisable and customisable panels, which fold upwards when the door is opened instead of being slid or rolled over rails on the ceiling. The main advantage of this is that ceiling space is saved and the service door can be fitted better into existing situations. Folding also allows the service door to be fitted with, among other things, a wicket door and the option of installing the door on the outside of the room. Rolflex is the inventor of this type of folding door and has been the technological leader in this field for more than 25 years.

Sales of Compact doors outside the Netherlands are largely through an extensive international network of over 450 dealers. These dealers install and maintain the Compact door at end customers. Within the Netherlands, installation and maintenance of doors is carried out by Rolflex itself.


The transaction is a management buy-out/ pre-exit. On 17 May 2023, Berk Partners Growth Fund and managing director Maarten Coerman joined as shareholders. Coerman, together with the existing management team, forms the driving force behind Rolflex. Together, they will focus on further expanding Rolflex in the coming years.

Coerman foresees interesting growth opportunities. “With Berk Partners’ involvement, we can further expand internationally, professionalise and Berk Partners’ networks will also become available to Rolflex,” Coerman said.

“The collaboration with Berk Partners is a conscious choice,” said Frank Govaert (partner at Berk Partners). “This partnership offers Rolflex the opportunity to grow further through increased focus on innovation and commerce, where Berk Partners will support to further shape growth. Berk Partners has gained a lot of experience with growing companies in the past.

In this respect, Rolflex fits well with our investment policy. Rolflex operates in an attractive niche market and occupies a leading position there with a distinctive product. The incumbent management also has a very good track record when it comes to international growth.”


About Rolflex Nederland B.V.

For more information: Maarten Coerman ( and


About Berk Partners private equity

Berk Partners is an independent investment company founded in 1992. Over the past thirty years, it has invested in dozens of successful mid-sized Dutch companies. Berk Partners originates from Berk Holding, the investment vehicle of Mr Ben Pon founded in the 1970s. After several successful investments made by him, third parties also joined. In the past, Berk Partners invested in, among others, Koninklijke Joh. de Kuyper & Zn. (spirits), (portion) packaging company W. van Oordt & Co, games company Jumbo and Life & Mobility (wheelchair manufacturer).


The current Berk Partners fund is the fifth fund in succession and has fund assets of almost €50 million. Based on past experience, the fund has a preference for investments in the Food Industry, Innovative Manufacturing and Healthcare Suppliers sectors. As a committed shareholder, Berk Partners adds value by providing not only capital but also knowledge, a network, entrepreneurship and active support.

Nine participations have now been realised in the Berk Partners Growth Fund, in addition to Rolflex these are:

  • Theha B.V., producer of coconut bread and coconut cubes;
  • Molenmaker Techniek B.V., producer of hydraulic drive systems for bridges and locks, among others (divested in 2021);
  • Rivièra Product Decorations B.V., active in applying sleeves (printed film) to various types of packaging;
  • Aarts Packaging B.V., producer of plastic packaging for the cosmetics industry in particular based on injection moulding (divested in 2023);
  • Technotape Holding B.V., producer and trader of a wide range of products for personalisation through sublimation;
  • HSU Groep B.V., supplier of services relating to the preparation and cleaning of public transport rolling stock, buses and trains;
  • Royal Taste Company Holding B.V., producer of high-quality coffee beans for personalised blends; and
  • P.B.S. Holding B.V., producer of raised floors for special applications.


ESG policy

Berk Partners gives ESG considerations an important place in the selection of investment propositions and the management of its holdings. ESG stands for ‘Environmental, Social & Governance’ and means that factors such as energy consumption, climate, resource availability, health, safety and good corporate governance are explicitly taken into account when choosing to invest in a company.


For more information:

Berk Partners Groei Fonds B.V.

Frank Govaert ( or 020 2619 350).

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